WTO talks in Nairobi concludes with breakthrough on farm subsidies; India says 'disappointed' on Doha issues

WTO talks in Nairobi concludes with breakthrough on farm subsidies; India says 'disappointed' on Doha issues

Know why India has expressed disappointment after conclusion of 10th WTO Ministerial Conference at Nairobi....

US calls for overhaul of deadlocked world trade talks

US calls for overhaul of deadlocked world trade talks

The United States called Monday for a fresh start to break a 14-year deadlock in negotiations to free up world trade in good and services worth some $23 trillion (21 trillion euros).

India committed to protecting farmers' interest at WTO: Nirmala

The government on Wednesday said it's committed to protecting interest of its farmers at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

WTO members seal trillion-dollar IT trade deal

World Trade Organization (WTO) members finalized a deal on Friday to cut tariffs on $1 trillion worth of information technology products in a boost for producers of goods ranging from video games to medical equipment.

APEC trade chiefs vow to speed up work in WTO

Trade ministers from 21 Asia-Pacific countries Sunday issued strong support to the World Trade Organization's efforts to boost global trade amid a flurry of regional free trade agreements.

WTO members long way from finalising Doha round work programme

There has been a "sombre" progress by WTO members in finalising a work programme by July for the Doha round of talks and they are "a long way" from reaching an agreement on agriculture.

WTO cuts 2015 global trade growth outlook to 3.3% from 4%

The trade body also said preliminary estimates showed trade had expanded just 2.8 percent last year, missing September`s forecast of 3.1 percent.

WTO panel upholds most of complaint against China in steel duties dispute

A World Trade Organization dispute panel upheld most parts of a complaint against China on Friday in a case brought by Japan and the European Union challenging Chinese anti-dumping duties on high performance seamless stainless steel tubes.

US strengthens trade engagement with India

US strengthens trade engagement with India

The US says it strengthened engagement with India through the US-India Trade Policy Forum and secured the historic Trade Facilitation Agreement at the WTO after overcoming an impasse with India.

India appeals to DSB over import of US agricultural products

India has appealed to the Dispute Settlement Board of World Trade Organisation for a panel decision on its issues with the US over agricultural imports.

S Korea launches new trade dispute with US: WTO

South Korea on Monday took the United States to task before the World Trade Organization over Washington`s decision to slap anti-dumping tariffs on South Korean imports of steel pipes used by the oil industry.

WTO to set up panel on Brazil import taxes

The World Trade Organization will set up a panel to settle a complaint brought by the EU against Brazil over what it sees as protectionist taxes that discriminate against imports, a source said Wednesday.

WTO talks fail to clinch deal on trillion dollar IT tariff cuts

Talks on cutting trade tariffs on hundreds of information technology goods failed to reach agreement on Friday, diplomats at the World Trade Organization (WTO) said.

WTO rules against US on steel dispute; India says major victory

The WTO has ruled against the US imposing high duty on imports of certain Indian steel products, an order hailed by India as a "significant victory" that will help domestic manufacturers and exporters.

IMF lauds WTO accord after India-US food security deal

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has welcomed the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement on public stock holding for food security, paving the way for signing the trade facilitation agreement for easing global custom rules.

WTO postpones trade deal by a day after last-minute objection

The World Trade Organization postponed adoption of the first global trade reform in its 19-year history on Wednesday, delaying by a day after a last-minute objection from Argentina, diplomats said.

WTO members raise questions over India's sugar subsidy

Some members of the World Trade Organization (WTO), including Australia, the European Union, Pakistan, have raised questions over India's export subsidy on sugar.

WTO rejects US country-of-origin labels for meat

The World Trade Organization has rejected US rules requiring labels on packaged steaks, ribs and other cuts of meat identifying where the animals were born, raised and slaughtered.

WTO sets up body to settle EU-Russia vehicle battle

The World Trade Organization on today set up a body to rule on a raging trade dispute between Brussels and Moscow over duties imposed on European vehicles in Russia.

US senator welcomes WTO ruling against India on poultry

A senior US senator has welcomed the World Trade Organization's decision against India's ban on American poultry products, saying that the move would boost the country's export of poultry products to India.