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National Deworming Day: What to do if you child misses out!

National Deworming Day: What to do if you child misses out!

On February 10, the Health Ministry implemented the deworming programme in schools and preschools (anganwadis) across India to combat parasitic worm infections among children.

Deworming: How often should you deworm your child? Tips to prevent worm infections

Deworming: How often should you deworm your child? Tips to prevent worm infections

Worm infections, unfortunately, can happen even after best hygiene measures and precautions, particularly, in children. 

Scientists discover fossils of ancient microscopic worms

 Scientists have discovered fossils of 530 million-year-old microscopic worms, filling a huge gap in the known fossil record of kinorhynchs -- small invertebrate animals that are related to arthropods.

Sense of smell may tell how much longer you will live

A team of researchers has revealed that they were able to predict whether worms would live long by measuring how they move towards an appealing, food-like scent.

Now worms, bugs found in oats packet

Now worms, bugs found in oats packet

Worms and bugs were reportedly found in a packet of oats purchased by a customer here on Tuesday, following which health officials have taken samples for analysis.

Salma Hayek eats worms

Actress Salma Hayek says she eats a variety of foods including silk worms and deep-fried frog.

Now, worms found in Nestle Cerelac baby powder in Coimbatore

There seems to be no respite for Nestle! After the Maggi scare and NanPro 3 milk powder controversy, now live worms have been found in a packet of Nestle Cerelac baby food in Coimbatore.

Dead worms found in Complan pack in Lucknow, sample sent for test

Much to her horror, Lucknow resident Tanisha Rai Singhania was open-mouthed when she saw a territory of worms floating in the Complan energy drink.

Bulandshahr: Insects found in Glucon-D packet

After the Maggi scare, worms have been found in a bottle of Glucon D in a shop of Bulandshahr.

Deworming drives started in 11 states: Government

Health Minister JP Nadda Friday said the government has started deworming drives in 11 states and union territories to protect children from the risk of parasitic worms.

Satellites to track parasites soon

 Scientists have teamed up to use satellite data for targeting deadly parasites and help predict patterns of parasitic diseases such as malaria, worms and hydatids (infection by the larval stage of the dog tapeworm).

Well water in Goa beach villages has worms: Minister

Well water in tourism-oriented coastal Goan villages is so bad that it is infested with worms, Public Works Department Minister Sudin Dhavalikar said Friday.

Manchester United 'garlic spray' Old Trafford stadium in bid to battle worms

Manchester United 'garlic spray' Old Trafford stadium in bid to battle worms

Manchester United stars might have to endure the stench of garlic at the Old Trafford stadium next week after ground staff sprayed the pitch with the potent liquid in an attempt to fight off worms that are ruining the pitch.

Clue for deadly brain disease found in worms

In a first, researchers have replicated a rare but deadly human brain disease in nematode worms and successfully treated it with a drug called resveratrol, suggesting a cure could be found for humans.

Worms can form part of astronauts` diet: Chinese study

Three volunteers participated in a Chinese space programme experiment of surviving on a worm diet for more than three months in order to prove that humans can endure long space journeys with this type of diet.

Artificial life comes closer to reality with movement in created worm

A project aiming to create artificial life has made a new breakthrough - the simulated worm is now able to move.

Worms may help explain human ability to handle stress

Worms may help shed light on what causes some people to suffer from life-threatening anxiety disorders while others are better able to cope with stress, scientists say.

Tiny alcohol amounts double worm`s life

Tiny portions of ethanol can more than double the lifespan of a tiny worm known as C elegans.

Worms could help understand weightlessness in space

Worm colonies can be established on space stations without the need for researchers to tend to them.


Worms: First thing in the morning, Eat 1 small piece of Jaggery (Brown sugar) then wait for 5 minutes and eat 1 tsp. of Caraway Seeds or Caraway powder.