Know why wrinkles are more prominent near your eyes than forehead

 Sometimes a person might think that why wrinkles are more prominent on certain parts of face and shallow on other, well oil-secreting glands are the reason behind it.

Non-invasive face-lift technique launched in India

 Ultherapy -- a non-invasive procedure for lifting the skin -- was launched in India on Sunday after its success in the West.

Botox gone, 'pulse' technology new hope for skin solutions

 In a major relief from the risky botox process for skin revitalisation, a non-invasive technique that harnesses pulsed electric fields to generate growth of new skin tissue has been devised, says researchers.

How sun gives you wrinkles, skin cancer

 Scientists have documented for the first time the DNA damage which can occur to the skin from the full range of ultraviolet radiation from the sun, leading to skin cancer.

Look seamlessly beautiful and ageless with yoga

With people emptying their pockets over cosmetics, surgeries and gyming equipment, in the quest to look beautiful and feel better, yoga comes out as very efficient and pocket friendly natural exercise that can benefit you way more in the long run- both physically and economically.

Five foods you must avoid to have healthy skin!

While foods are necessary for your body, there are certain items that can ruin your skin if not taken in moderation. 

Healthy living is Jennifer Aniston's mantra for staying youthful
Healthy living is Jennifer Aniston's mantra for staying youthful

Jennifer Aniston, who is planning to pen her own cookbook, considers the mantra of "living naturally," without pricking faces with injections.

Slimy snail facials latest beauty regimen for perfect skin

Snail facial has come out to be the latest beauty craze among the ladies across Thailand, it has been revealed.

I'd apply cement if it stopped wrinkles: Sofia Vergara
I'd apply cement if it stopped wrinkles: Sofia Vergara

'Modern Family' actress Sofia Vergara says she would go to any extent to stay young.

I like my wrinkles: Gwyneth Paltrow
I like my wrinkles: Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that she likes her wrinkles and is content with the way she looks.

Alexa Chung may get a face lift?
Alexa Chung may get a face lift?

Model Alexa Chung is worried about her wrinkled skin and says she has considered having a face lift in the future.

Five ways to prevent wrinkles

A wrinkle is a fold, ridge or crease in the skin. Skin wrinkles appear as a result of aging processes habitual sleeping positions,loss of body mass or temporarily, as the result of prolonged immersion in water.

I wish I could get rid of my wrinkles: Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is frustrated with the wrinkles on her face and wants them to go as soon as possible.

Skin care: 5 easy steps for flawless glowing skin

It`s not a bad idea after all to go bare faced sometimes, but make sure you have healthy and glowing skin. Ensure drinking water and using sunscreen to get that glow. Here are some tips to boost your skin`s health, reports

Wrinkles, not skin cancer, worry teens more

The threat of looking old and premature aging - and not the increased skin cancer risk owing to ultraviolet (UV) exposure - leads teens to wear sunscreen, claims significant research.

Now, Botox for controlling incontinence

Better known as the miracle aid to fight wrinkles that come with age, Botox is now used to treat incontinence - a condition in which one loses bladder control, leading to involuntary urination - that affects both women and men.

Snail gel now the popular way to banish wrinkles

With people becoming familiar with anti-ageing properties of snail gel, it is rapidly getting accepted by British women who want to look youthful.

3 ways to prevent wrinkles

Doesn’t that first wrinkle line on your face trouble you day and night? Yes, it does. Growing old is inevitable. Ageing is the process that occurs when the body cells fall prey to external elements and wither off. So, don’t just sit and wait, rather indulge yourself in some implausible ways that help you regain that vigour and vitality.

Smoking does make you look older

A new study has found that smoking can reduce the amount of oxygen to the skin and can speed the breakdown of collagen.

Smokers` skin may age faster

Smokers are likely to get bags under their eyes and wrinkles around their lips earlier than non-smokers, according to a new study of identical twins.