UK man finds lost wristwatch when alarm goes off inside dog!

In a bizarre incident, a man in the UK found his lost wristwatch when its alarm went off inside his dog.

New laser `death test` predicts how long you have left to live

Scientists have designed a non-invasive test called the "death test" - the first of its kind in the world - which can tell people how long they have left to live.

Rajendra Prasad`s wristwatch to go on auction

A historic wrist watch once owned by
India`s first president Dr Rajendra Prasad will be put on auction next month by leading auction house Sotheby`s.

Now, Facebook on your wristwatch!

A watch that connects to your smartphone and can relay instant notifications and alerts.

Tracking device can tell you where your kids are

A wristwatch with a built-in tracking device can tell you exactly where your kids are.