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Key protest leader not on ballot in rebel China village

Voters in a Chinese village that overthrew its Communist Party bosses in landmark elections two years ago went to the polls again today, but a key protest leader was absent from the ballot.

Rebel China village set for new elections

A Chinese village which held landmark democratic elections after it rebelled against Communist Party officials heads to the polls again on Sunday, shadowed by fears that local authorities are reasserting their grip on power.

Wukan protest leader flees China, seeks US aslyum: Report

A leader of the 2011 Wukan protests in China that grabbed worldwide attention has fled to the US to seek asylum, media reports and an associate said on Wednesday.

Chinese village experiments with democracy

Residents of Wukan voted for over 100 representatives who will put forward candidates for a village committee to be elected later.

Chinese cautious over ‘idea of democracy’

China was rocked by an uprising in village named Wukan where thousands of villagerss packed off local officials.

Protester freed after China village stand-off ends

Authorities in southern China have
freed one of the leaders of a protest by villagers angered by
land grabs.