Top Chinese envoy visits Vietnam as South China Sea tension rises

China`s top diplomat met Vietnam`s leadership on Monday. The meeting was aimed at strengthening  relations. The trip by State Councillor Yang Jiechi comes amid a Chinese public relations blitz to try to discredit a looming verdict by an international tribunal.

7.2 magnitude quake hits South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands

Beijing: An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands on Saturday, said the China Earthquake Networks Centre.

120,000 Palestinian refugees flee Syria during war: UN

The Yarmouk camp is a large district in southern Damascus. It has recently become a stage of intense battles between the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and the Islamic State group.

US stocks end mixed amid downbeat data

The Dow Jones Industrial Average edged up 9.38 points, or 0.05 percent, to 17,720.50.

Pakistan closes border with Afghanistan

Thousands of people and many trucks are stranded on both sides of the border, witnesses in the area said.

French government survives no-confidence vote

In a further sign of rising opposition, a group of rebel deputies refused to vote the reform and had sought to submit its own no-confidence motion to oust the government.

US dollar snaps six-day winning streak

The greenback was also supported by recent upbeat remarks from several Federal Reserve officials about the US economy.

1.7 mn Somalis in Puntland, Somaliland need aid: UN

The UN says the drought in the two regional states has impacted lives and livelihoods, compounding an already challenging humanitarian situation.

New NATO division becomes partly functional in Romania

NATO first opened the MND-SE in August 2015. The headquarters should become fully operational by 2018 with some 280 officers, including 75 from other NATO states, working together.

25 killed in Rwanda landslides

Six of the victims were members of the same family.

New York unveils plan to combat Zika threat

Currently 358 patients were confirmed to have contracted the disease in the US of which 40 were reported in New York.

SpaceX's Dragon arrives at ISS with inflatable space habitat

SpaceX's Dragon arrives at ISS with inflatable space habitat

The last time six vehicles were docked to the station was back in the space shuttle era, when Discovery visited in February 2011.

Watch: New retrievable satellite SJ-10 successfully launched by China!

Watch: New retrievable satellite SJ-10 successfully launched by China!

The experiments investigate how radiation affects genetics and are being conducted to try and make space travel safer in the future.

Scientists create antibody cocktail that cures Ebola-infected monkeys

A similar cocktail comprised of two ZMapp antibodies, which are produced in tobacco leaves instead of mammalian cells, protected only two of three monkeys.

White House unveils new broadband initiative

White House unveils new broadband initiative

The efforts also included a digital literacy pilot project, which will teach the basic skills needed to get people online in libraries, museums and community centres across the country.

Social media use disturbs young Swedes' sleep: Poll

Social media use disturbs young Swedes' sleep: Poll

Nearly half the young respondents said they are sleeping worse today than five years ago, while 31 percent said they believed social media is disturbing their sleep.

Ointment developed to combat skin cancer

The ointment is for external use and should be applied every third day for a period of about a month, during which the application zone should be protected, said the researchers.

British scientists awarded Denmark-based brain research prize

They have shown how the connection between brain cells in the hippocampus can be strengthened through repeated stimulation -- a phenomenon that is called long-term potentiation.

China to launch second space lab

China to launch second space lab

China's multi-billion-dollar space programme aims to put a permanent manned space station into service around 2022.

Chinese face growing cancer risk from dioxin

It said increasing dioxin emissions from the iron and steel and thermal power industries as well as cremation of wastes were also to blame for higher cancer risk from dioxin.