China says still verifying incident with US aircraft

China`s Defence Ministry said on Thursday it was still verifying what had happened in an incident last week which the Pentagon said involved a Chinese aircraft performing an unsafe manoeuvre during an air intercept of a US spy plane.

Chinese archeologists examine sunken Chinese warship


Beijing: Chinese archeologists have begun an underwater investigation in the Yellow Sea to learn more about a warship sunken by the Japanese navy during the first Sino- Japanese War 121 years ago.

North Korea threatens strikes against South navy

North Korea threatens strikes against South navy

North Korea warned Friday that it was prepared to fire on sight without warning at South Korean naval vessels it accused of violating their disputed Yellow Sea border.

North Korea fires missiles ahead of Pentagon chief's visit

North Korea fired two surface-to-air missiles into the sea this week as US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter visited the region for talks in Tokyo and Seoul, South Korea's defence ministry said today.

Two Koreas hold high-level military talks: Report

North and South Korea held their first high-level military talks for seven years today, the South's Yonhap news agency reported, following a series of recent incidents on their land and maritime borders.

China`s aircraft carrier puts naval ambitions on show

At a northern quayside China`s first aircraft carrier dwarfs nearby vessels, its take-off ramp rising higher than the top deck of the cruise ship at the next berth, symbolising the country`s naval ambitions.

South Korea fires warning shots after North Korean incursion

A South Korean naval ship fired warning shots Tuesday after three North Korean patrol boats crossed over the disputed maritime border in the Yellow Sea, military officials said.

China issues alert for typhoon Haiyan

The China National Marine Environmental Forecasting Centre Friday issued a warning for very high sea waves generated by typhoon Haiyan.

China`s biggest ever algal bloom turns Yellow sea green

China’s Yellow sea has been hit by the largest ever growth of alga with vast waves of green growth washing onto it shores. It is the largest ever recorded Algal bloom recorded in China.

North Koreans capture 29 Chinese fishermen

The Foreign Ministry of China is in touch with North Korean authorities and hoped to resolve the situation soon.

China-Russia Yellow Sea naval drills begin

China and Russia on Sunday launched their first week-long joint naval exercises close to Japanese waters.

South Korea to stage major drill in Yellow Sea

South Korea will hold a major
military exercise near the disputed Yellow Sea border with North Korea later this month.

S Korea conducts exercise in Yellow Sea

South Korea`s navy launched a maneuvering exercise Tuesday in the Yellow Sea to prepare against possible North Korean maritime infiltration.

`N Koreans rescued from boat seek asylum`

The arrival is the largest of its kind since February, when 31 North Koreans floated south on a boat in the Yellow Sea.

Nine North Koreans defected by boat in Yellow Sea

The latest in a string of defections could further complicate inter-Korean relations.

North Korea cargo ship sinks; 2 dead, 15 missing

The "Kang Bong" sank after water entered the ship during strong gales.

South Korea to stage firing drills off coasts

A drill to be staged at 27 venues will not take place near Yellow Sea border.

N Korea says `no-one can predict consequences` of US drill

North Korea`s state media warned
today that "no-one can predict the ensuing consequences" if a
US carrier group goes ahead with a planned drill with South
Korea in the Yellow Sea.

China launches war games in Yellow Sea

China on Wednesday launched live-fire
naval exercises in the Yellow Sea, state media said, after
voicing opposition to similar war games to be staged there by
the United States and South Korea.

Chinese navy to hold drills in Yellow Sea

China said on Sunday its navy will stage
live-ammunition drills in the Yellow Sea this week, after it
condemned US-South Korean joint naval exercises in the region
and vowed to respond in kind.