Seven reasons why you should eat curd everyday!

Curd or yogurt has been a staple dish in most Indian households. This delicious dish is also consumed in various forms such as - lassi, yoghurt rice, buttermilk, vegetables raita, etc.

Know the wonders of yogurt!

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Young and overweight? Have high-protein breakfast

 Having a high-protein breakfast including milk, eggs, meat and yogurt daily can reduce unhealthy weight gain among overweight teenagers, says a new study.

Regular consumption of yoghurt does not boost health: Study

Consumption of dairy products is recommended as part of a healthy diet, but according to a new study, regular intake of yogurt does not improve physical or mental health.

Foods you should eat every day

Include spinach and tomatoes to your regular diet to work towards the right body frame.

High-fat dairy may lower breast cancer survival chances

High-fat dairy products can increase a breast cancer survivor`s odds of dying years later, a new study has warned.

Recipe: Yogurt Fruit Salad

Recipe: Yogurt Fruit Salad

Try this mouth-watering, healthy salad!

Yogurt: The top health food

Yogurt is one of the most accessible foods and a wonderful source of essential nutrients coupled with a nice taste and easy on your stomach. Switch to a bowl of this dairy wonder daily and see the difference.

Milk and yogurt promote healthy bones

Dairy products such as milk and yogurt promote healthier hip bones than cream, says a new finding from a Harvard Medical School affiliate.

Yogurt lovers have better diets: Study

People who eat yogurt may enjoy a better-balanced diet and get more key nutrients than those who never consume the cultured dairy product, according to a new study.

Yogurt can cut risk of high blood pressure: Study

Adding more yogurt to your diet may help lower risk of high blood pressure, according to a new research.

Fish-oil fortified yogurt helps you meet nutritional needs

A number of people seek increasing their intake of heart-healthy n-3 fatty acids, found naturally in fish and fish products, but find it difficult to consume the recommended levels.

Are probiotics safe for kids?

Probiotics are very common in yogurt now-a-days, but are they safe for your kid? Well, they don`t pose much of a risk to children, but they don`t benefit them much either, scientists say.

Recipe: Lemon Yogurt Bread

Lemon yogurt bread tastes yummy and is nutritious too.

Recipe: Lassi

Enjoy delicious yogurt shakes in either sweet or salted flavors this summer.

Recipe: Cucumber and Yogurt Raita

Include this healthy dish in your lunch/ dinner and shed those extra kilos.

Ramzan Special: Shikampuri Kebab

This is an aromatic kebab made of yellow gram, mutton and yogurt.