1D becomes UK's first band to debut at No.1 with 3 albums
1D becomes UK's first band to debut at No.1 with 3 albums

The UK-based boy band, One Direction has scored place in the 'Guinness Book Of Records'.

I hope One Direction stays together: Simon Cowell

Music mogul Simon Cowell says he wants boy band One Direction to remain united, days after he was quoted saying that groups do not stay together forever.

Simon Cowell predicts One Direction split

Music mogul Simon Cowell has predicted that pop band One Direction will break up eventually to pursue solo careers.

Zayn Malik`s 3-year-old cousin fighting for life

Singer Zayn Malik`s three-year-old cousin Arshiya is fighting for her life in a hospital after undergoing brain surgery.

Zayn Malik receives death threats

`One Direction` star Zayn Malik is receiving death threats from upset fans after he waded into the Gaza conflict.

Simon Cowell defends 1D in face of `drug` scandal

Simon Cowell has defended One Direction and has vowed to stand by the band over their drug video scandal.

1D`s Liam Payne apologizes for `controversial joint video`

One Direction star Liam Payne has apologized for the controversial video, which shows his fellow band members Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking a `joint`.

1D star Louis Tomlinson under fire over use of `N-word`

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is currently facing a lot of backlash for using the 'N-word' in the controversial video of smoking weed.

Zayn Malik wants his own comic book

One Direction star Zayn Malik wants to create his own comic book and is keeping in touch with artists at Marvel Studios.

One Direction are not in same `league` as the Beatles: Harry Styles

Harry Styles says it would be foolish to compare the musical achievements of his band with that of the Beatles.

Clash in One Direction over music choices?

One Direction star Harry Styles` wants the band`s next album to be more of rock `n` roll, which is reportedly clashing with the musical plans of other members.

One Direction set to star in multi-million pound reality show

One Direction are expected to earn around 3.5 million pounds for a 10-part prime-time ITV series.

Will Ferrell compares himself with One Direction

Actor Will Ferrel says he his popularity among youngsters makes him believe that he is the older version of the very popular One Direction band.

Zayn Malik has no time to marry

Singer Zayn Malik has reportedly no time to marry fiancee Perrie Edwards because his schedule is busy till 2015.

Zayn Malik gets tattoo of pistol

Singer Zayn Malik has reportedly got a pistol-shaped design inked on his left derriere. It has left his fans shocked.

Zayn Malik accused of hitting fan

One Direction singer Zayn Malik has been accused of hitting a young fan in the face in an airport fight here.

Fame harder for Zayn Malik: Perrie Edwards

Singer Perrie Edwards says fame is harder for her fiance, singer Zayn Malik, but she doesn`t let it stop them doing what they want.

Perrie Edwards enjoys falling ill

It may sound strange but singer Perrie Edwards enjoys falling sick because she gets a lot attention from everyone.

Louis Tomlinson wishes for normal life

Singer Louis Tomlinson is reportedly so keen to live a normal life that he is looking for career options after his band One Direction comes to an end.

Louis Tomlinson to propose next month?

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson will reportedly propose his girlfriend Eleanor Calder next month as it marks their second anniversary.