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Zelaya blames US for his ouster in 2009

Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya said the US was behind the 2009 coup that toppled him because it dominates his country`s politics and economy.

Honduras Congress rejects return of ousted leader

Honduran lawmakers rejected the reinstatement of ousted President Manuel Zelaya during a heated debate which revisited details of the June 28 coup which polarized the nation.

‘Honduran Congress will rule on Zelaya after vote’

Honduran lawmakers will not decide whether to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya until after upcoming Presidential Elections, the congressional leader said Tuesday.

US diplomat in Honduras trying to revive pact

A senior US diplomat flew in Tuesday to try to revive a US-brokered pact between Honduras` deposed president and the coup-imposed government ahead of elections this month.

Honduran de-facto govt resigns paving way for Zelaya

The Honduran de-facto government of Roberto Micheletti resigned late Thursday, paving the way for a national unity and reconciliation government.

Ousted president, govt sign pact in Honduras: OAS

A top regional diplomatic official has said that negotiators for Honduras` interim and ousted leaders have signed an agreement that allows for the possible return of deposed President Manuel Zelaya.

Negotiators narrow differences to end crisis in Honduras

Negotiators narrowed their differences in talks on ending Honduras political crisis, but not on the make-or-break issue of reinstating deposed President Manuel Zelaya, both sides said.

Diplomats converge on Honduras for talks

Diplomats from throughout the hemisphere were converging Wednesday on Honduras to resolve a standoff that has left the impoverished Central American country with two presidents.

Ousted Honduran leader dismisses decree decision

Ousted President Manuel Zelaya has dismissed the withdrawal of an emergency decree that curbed civil liberties, calling it a meaningless gesture from a coup-imposed government that refuses to restore him to power.

Honduras leader says met OAS chief, ready to talk

Honduran de facto President, Roberto Micheletti, said on Friday he had held talks in Honduras with Organization of American States chief Jose Miguel Insulza as a step toward negotiating an end to a post-coup crisis.

Honduras` Zelaya calls for new protests

Pressure mounted on leaders of the coup-backed regime in Honduras to revoke a decree curbing civil rights, as ousted President Manuel Zelaya called for protests against the clampdown.

Honduras` Zelaya claims plot to kill him at embassy

Honduras` ousted President Manuel Zelaya has said he fears for his life, according to Spanish media reports.

Honduran de facto leader offers talks with Zelaya

Honduras` de facto leader offered for the first time to hold direct talks with ousted President Manuel Zelaya to resolve a political crisis even as soldiers laid siege to the embassy where he took refuge.

Honduras police break up pro-Zelaya protest

Honduran troops and police clashed on Tuesday with hundreds of supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya outside Brazil`s embassy where he took refuge after slipping back into the country in a bid to return to power.

Ousted President Zelaya re-enters Honduras

Ousted Honduran Prez Manuel Zelaya risked arrest Friday, crossing the Nicaraguan-Honduran border in an effort to reclaim power after mediation efforts failed.

Honduras talks near failure, Zelaya vows return

Talks on resolving the Honduran political crisis headed towards failure on Wednesday when the interim government indicated it would reject a mediator`s final proposal for returning ousted president Manuel Zelaya to power.

Honduras` interim govt sends lobbying team to US

The soldiers, politicians, etc, ousted President Manuel Zelaya are taking their battle from Honduras into the US political arena, waging a lobbying campaign to paint themselves as a bulwark against "dictatorship" and "communism."