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South Africa`s Zuma to hear if 800 graft charges reinstated

South African state prosecutors will Monday respond to a court ruling that President Jacob Zuma should face almost 800 corruption charges, in a move that could threaten his hold on power.

S Africa's Zuma under fire over chaos in parliament

"Cockroach", "hooligan", "broken man" -- insults flew thick and fast Tuesday among top South African politicians after a keynote address by the president to parliament last week ended in unprecedented chaos.

South Africans queue up to vote in post-Nelson Mandela polls

Millions of South Africans on Tuesday turned in extremely high numbers braving the threats of disruption and sporadic violence to exercise their franchise in an election widely expected to return the ruling ANC to power, 20 years after anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela first took power in 1994.

South Africa`s ruling party may win majority in May elections

South Africa`s ruling African National Congress (ANC) is poised to win a two-third majority in the upcoming general elections May 7, a media report said Sunday based on a poll.

Mandela remains in critical but stable condition: Zuma

South Africa`s former president Nelson Mandela is still in hospital undergoing treatment and remains in a critical but stable condition, President Jacob Zuma said Tuesday.

Zuma asks South Africans to mark `Mandela Day` in big way

As Nelson Mandela remained in critical condition at a hospital, South Africa President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday asked people to mark the anti-apartheid icon`s 95th birthday on July 18 with the biggest Mandela Day ever.

Nelson Mandela’s daughter talks about her father

Nelson Mandela, in the twilight of life, doesn`t talk much anymore, his eldest daughter says.

South Africa`s Zuma regrets love-child "pain"

South Africa`s polygamous President Jacob Zuma on Saturday said he regretted the "pain" over a love-child, the latest sex scandal to haunt him.

Zuma`s election as SA President ends ANC power struggle

South African leader Jacob
Zuma overcame rape and graft charges to be overwhelmingly
elected as President of the country in 2009, ending a long-
drawn power struggle in the ruling ANC.