Yemen President warns al-Qaeda seeks to rule again

Yemen`s President said that al-Qaeda is trying to retake areas they once controlled in the south, but that a military offensive helped thwart those plans.

Gunmen briefly seize security building in Yemen

Gunmen loyal to ousted Yemeni ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh seized a security building in the capital for a few hours before vacating it.

Yemen’s Prez sacks two Army chiefs close to Saleh

Yemen`s newly appointed President fired several old-regime figures and relatives of the former leader in a major shake-up of the country`s military.

Yemen`s Saleh to seek exile in Ethiopia: Aides

Aides to Ali Abdullah Saleh say the ousted Yemeni President plans to go into exile in Ethiopia.

Yemen VP presents plan to restore security

Yemen`s vice president has presented a security plan to remove all militias and weapons from the capital and other cities.