Cote d`Ivoire in mourning over Abidjan stampede tragedy

New Year’s festivities in a stadium of Abidjan in Ivory Coast ended up being a nightmare as 61 people were crushed to death as a stampede broke out early on Tuesday.

Ivory Coast stampede claims over 60 lives

New Year festivities have claimed 60 lives as stampede broke out in a stadium in Ivory Coast’s city of Abidjan.

Ivory Coast: Coup plot by military exiles foiled

Ivory Coast`s interior minister says authorities have foiled a plot by military exiles loyal to the former president to overthrow the country`s democratically elected government.

Last Gbagbo stronghold falls in Abidjan: Authorities

More than 1,000 people died across Ivory Coast in the violence.

Ivory Coast warlord agrees to disarm his forces

A renegade warlord
in Ivory Coast on Saturday said he was ready to lay down his arms as
ordered by the new president, but said it would take time to

All fighters must disarm: Ivory Coast leader

Ivory Coast`s President Alassane Ouattara called on all fighters to put down their arms now that the longtime strongman has been captured after his refusal to cede power sparked violence leaving bodies piled at morgues.

Ouattara forces begin Abidjan assault

As the conflict escalated, France ordered more troops into Ivory Coast.

Fighting abates in Ivory Coast economic capital

The streets of Ivory Coast`s
economic capital Abidjan were deserted on Sunday while fighting
abated near bastions of strongman Laurent Gbagbo.

Gbagbo forces kill at least 25 in Abidjan attacks: UN

Ivory Coast has been in turmoil since polls between Laurent Gbagbo, Ouattara.

Abidjan plunged into fear as gun battles rage

Armed opponents of Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo advanced through Abidjan on Monday as heavy fighting spread to new parts of the economic capital, striking fear into residents.

Battles rage with mysterious Ivory Coast insurgents

Gun battles and explosions raged overnight in an Abidjan neighbourhood.

AU mediators in Abidjan for last-ditch talks

An investigation team is meeting with members of incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo`s govt.