People who believe in ability to predict future have greater control over life

People, who are given scientific proof that supports our ability to predict the future, feel a greater sense of control over their lives, according to a research.

`Parents` divorce affects kid`s learning, socialising ability`

Children who witness their parents` divorce at a tender age are most likely to struggle with maths and making friends, a new study has found.

High testosterone linked to men`s ability to ‘woo’ women

A new study has said that the old theory that men who are bold and self-assured with women are high on testosterone has some truth to it.

Ability to tolerate aggression is partly genetic: Study

UCLA scientists have said that the ability to tolerate aggression is partly genetic.

Scientists discover worm`s regeneration ability

Scientists have unravelled the
mechanism through which worms regenerate their amputated body
parts -- a research that could lead to regrowing damaged human
organs in future.