Suspected al Qaeda bomb kills Yemeni general

A senior Yemeni Army officer was killed when a bomb planted in his vehicle exploded in the main southern city of Aden, a military official said, blaming al Qaeda.

15 killed in Yemen tribal feud over `desert oil`

Clashes between two Yemeni tribes over who owns a piece of land in the southeast believed to be rich in oil has left 15 people dead, tribal sources said Wednesday.

Gunmen attack Yemen bus, kill 8 nurses

Yemeni security officials say gunmen have attacked a bus carrying nurses from a military hospital in the southern city of Aden, killing eight people, including two women, and wounding around a dozen others.

Seven `Qaeda`, soldier killed in Yemen clashes: Officials

Yemeni forces killed seven al Qaeda militants in separate clashes today while a soldier died in a firefight as the army pressed an offensive against jihadists, officials said.

Drone attacks kill dozens of Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Weekend drone strikes in Yemen killed more than 40 suspected al Qaeda militants, including 30 on Sunday, days after the jihadist network`s Arabian Peninsula offshoot vowed to fight against Western "crusaders".

20 dead as al Qaeda attacks Yemen army headquarters

Al Qaeda attacked a Yemeni army headquarters in a heavily patrolled district of Aden on Wednesday.

Yemen Qaeda releases S Africa woman captive: mediator

Kidnappers from al Qaeda in Yemen released Friday a South African woman tourist who was taken hostage in May along with her husband, who temporarily remains captive, a mediator said.

Drone strike kills three `Qaeda` gunmen in Yemen

An unmanned drone struck a car on Monday in southeastern Yemen, killing three suspected al Qaeda gunmen, a security official said.

Yemen says Saudis behind attack

Saudi militants were behind the massive car bombing and assault on Yemen`s military headquarters that killed more than 50 people, including an Indian nurse and other foreigners, investigators said in a preliminary report.

Yemen: 6 dead in raids to catch ministry attackers

Yemeni security forces launched a sweep in the capital to find the perpetrators of a deadly attack on the country`s Defense Ministry, sparking clashes that left five suspected militants and one member of the special forces dead, officials said on Friday.

Yemen attack: Al Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for killing 52

Al Qaeda-backed group on Friday claimed the responsibility for yesterday’s attack on Yemen’s Defence Ministry in Sana’a wherein at least 52 doctors and nurses were killed and dozens injured.

Eight police killed in south Yemen ambush: Security

Gunmen ambushed and killed eight policemen on Monday near a gas terminal in southern Yemen, a security official said.

Yemen intelligence officer killed in flashpoint city

Gunmen shot dead a Yemeni intelligence officer on Monday in Mukalla, a provincial capital where al Qaeda-linked militants briefly seized an army headquarters and took hostages last week, a security source said.

Yemeni warplanes strike al Qaeda hideouts, 3 killed

Yemeni military warplanes Friday carried out an attack on two hideouts of the al Qaeda in the southeastern province of Shabwa, killing three terrorists and injuring seven others.Yemeni military warplanes Friday carried out an attack on two hideouts of the al Qaida in the southeastern province of Shabwa, killing three terrorists and injuring seven others.

Gunmen kill Yemeni military officer

Unidentified gunmen shot dead a Yemeni air force officer in the southeastern Hadramout province Saturday, a security officer told Xinhua.

Would-be suicide bomber killed in Yemen`s Aden

Troops of the Yemeni anti- terrorism forces foiled a terror attack and shot dead a would-be suicide bomber on Sunday morning in the southern port city of Aden, a government official told Xinhua.

Car bombing kills 14 soldiers in Yemen

The powerful blast was followed by heavy gunfire from unidentified attackers suspected to be al Qaeda militants.

Roadside bomb kills 4 Yemeni soldiers

At least four Yemeni soldiers were killed on Tuesday by a roadside bombing on the eastern outskirts of the southern port city Aden.

Battles between Yemeni Army, al Qaeda leave 20 dead

At least 15 al Qaeda militants and five Army soldiers were killed during battles between Yemeni govt troops and the terrorist group.

Killed Yemeni was involved in Qaeda`s failed plot?

The Yemeni Government said Fahd Mohammad Ahmed Al-Quso had planned to blow up a US-bound airliner using an underwear bomb.