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‘Iron lady’ Margaret Thatcher admired Indira Gandhi

With similar temperaments, Margaret Thatcher, Britain`s first woman prime minister, was an undisguised admirer of Indira Gandhi, another woman politician known for her toughness.

Elton John admires Kate Middleton

Singer Elton John admires Kate Middleton for marrying Prince William but he thinks the couple will face difficulties in future because of their high profile image.

Suspected US killer admired Hitler, wanted church for drunks

"Wild Bill," a suspected US
serial killer accused of killing at least five people in
Panama, openly admired Adolf Hitler and wanted to set up a
church for drunks and lead it as pope, witnesses say.

Jews admire and follow Indian leaders: Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres has said that Jews admire Indian leaders like Gandhi and follow them.