US, Pak discuss steps to deal with IED threats

The US and Pakistan have agreed to work together for improving their efforts to combat the threat posed by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the Af-Pak region.

Qaeda leader Zawahiri in Af-Pak region: US

Ayman Al Zawahiri remains in the Af-Pak region, a top US counter-terrorism official said on Sunday.

Af-Pak region pose challenges: AK Antony

The strategic and security implications from Af-Pak region and China`s strategic rivalry were the challenges outlined by Defence Minister AK Antony.

Notable operational gains in AF-Pak region: Obama

Prez Obama has said that US` main goal in Af-Pak region is to defeat and dismantle al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda leadership remains anchored in Af-Pak border region

As the United States approaches into the 10th year of its combat operation in Afghanistan, Prez Barack Obama said that the leadership of Al-Qaeda remains anchored in the border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Russia to host summit on Af-Pak region

Russia is preparing to host a
quadrilateral summit with the leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan
and Tajikistan to resolve the volatile situation in Af-Pak
region through dialogue, a top Kremlin aide said on Tuesday.

Pak-Afghan border disputes harming war against terror: Report

The lingering small-scale border disputes between Pakistan and Afghanistan are reportedly making it difficult for the security forces in the country to fight terrorism and eliminate cross-border movements.