Fresh EU sanction hinders international security cooperation: Russia

Russia Saturday accused the European Union (EU) of curtailing bilateral cooperation over international and regional security issues by imposing new sanction measures against it.

Gunmen kill two Shiites in Pakistan`s Quetta

Gunmen in southwest Pakistan shot dead two Shiite Muslims who had emigrated from neighbouring Afghanistan almost a decade ago to escape violence there, police said today.

Senator: Bergdahl deal sealed day before swap

The Obama administration only finalised the exchange of the last remaining US prisoner of war in Afghanistan for five Taliban detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a day before the June 1 swap, a top Democratic lawmaker said today.

`Pakistani Taliban militants involved in Sushmita Banerjee’s killing’

Banerjee, 49, was dragged out of her home and shot dead by suspected Taliban gunmen in Sharan city of Paktika on Sep 5.

Karzai condemns Taliban killing of 12 civilians

President Hamid Karzai has condemned the killing of 12 Afghan civilians including five aid workers in two separate attacks as he concluded talks in Pakistan aimed at fostering peace.

Taliban stoops to new low, deploys children as suicide bombers

In another attempt to create its terror on foreign troops and government forces in Afganistan, reports suggest that Taliban has started to exploit children to pose as suicide bombers.

Russia busts anti-NATO terror group

Russia’s security services have shut down a terrorist group which has been active in Afghanistan against NATO coalition forces.

India, US, Afganistan discuss transition at trilateral meet

Political, security and economic transition in Afghanistan besides specific cooperation projects were in focus during Tuesday`s trilateral meeting of India, US and Afghanistan.

Obama to announce drawdown of troops in Afghan

US President Barack Obama was likely to announce the drawdown of American troops from Afghanistan on Wednesday, senior administration officials