Roadside bomb kills 6 Afghan civilians

A roadside bomb killed six civilians and wounded more than a dozen others in southern Afghanistan, authorities said on Sunday, hours after a suicide bomber killed four in an attack on a military bus in the capital.

Afghan civilians killed in NATO airstrike: Official

At least 10 Afghan civilians were killed overnight in a NATO airstrike originally targeting a militants` hideout in the country`s eastern province of Kunar, the provincial governor said on Wednesday.

Roadside blasts kill at least 12 Afghan civilians

Two roadside bombs exploded in eastern and southern Afghanistan, killing at least 12 people and injuring 16 others, officials said.

Roadside bombing kills 8 Afghan civilians

Eight Afghan civilians, including seven women, were killed and two others wounded Wednesday morning in a roadside bombing in southern Helmand province, the Interior Ministry said.

Five Afghan civilians killed by insurgents

Afghan government officials say insurgent rockets have killed five people who were waiting on the side of a road.

Iran slams NATO killings of Afghan civilians

Iran criticised "crimes"
committed by US and other NATO troops and said the allied forces should
leave the region.

Roadside bombs kill 10 Afghan civilians

Two separate roadside bombings have killed 10 Afghan civilians on the eve of the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

NATO airstrike kills 8 Afghan civilians: Police

Violence is at its worst in Afghanistan since US-backed forces toppled Taliban government in 2001.

Three Afghan civilians killed at anti-NATO rally

Insurgents opened fire on Afghan police at an anti-NATO rally in southern Afghanistan.

Three Afghan civilians killed by French soldier

More than 1,400 Afghan civilians have been killed in the conflict this year.

NATO air strike killed Afghan civilians: Officials

A NATO air strike left up to 12 civilians dead in eastern Afghanistan, local officials said on Tuesday.

NATO examining claims it killed Afghan civilians

Media reports say NATO forces killed at least one civilian in Kunar province.

NATO troops kill two Afghan civilians

Kandahar police chief Sherzad however said an ISAF soldier opened fire after a
civilian car hit their vehicles in a traffic accident.

Insurgents kill over 10 Afghan civilians: NATO

The civilians were killed when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in Helmand.

Two Afghan civilians dead after NATO-Taliban firefight

Two Afghan civilians were killed and a third was wounded today during a firefight between NATO soldiers and insurgents in Afghanistan, officials said.

US soldiers accused of killing Afghans `for sport`

The soldiers are facing accusations of randomly targeting Afghan civilians.

US troops charged with murder of Afghan civilians

Some soldiers have been charged with keeping body parts as war trophies.

Foreign soldiers, Afghan civilians dead in attacks: NATO

Three foreign soldiers fighting the
Taliban in Afghanistan were killed in separate attacks on Saturday,
NATO said, while a woman and two children died in an operation
against al Qaeda-linked insurgents.

NATO admits 5 Afghan civilians killed in air strike

The strike was actually carried out to help fend off Taliban attack in south.

Taliban behead 11 Afghan civilians

Decapitated bodies of 11 people abducted by Taliban were found in Afghanistan`s restive central Uruzgan province Friday, an official said.