Taliban battle Afghan forces for control of southern district

Taliban militants have been locked in fighting with Afghan forces this week to wrest control of a southern district, provincial authorities said on Wednesday, in a struggle that has killed or wounded dozens of people.

Martin Dempsey worries about effects of Afghanistan withdrawal talk

America`s top military officer said on Wednesday that the impasse over a security agreement between the US and Afghanistan is encouraging the enemy to take bold actions.

US deal with Afghanistan crucial: NATO chief

NATO`s secretary-general says the alliance won`t be able to deploy its non-combat training and advisory mission in Afghanistan after next year unless President Hamid Karzai agrees to a bilateral security agreement with the United States.

Afghan forces to take over nationwide security: Officials

Afghan security forces will soon take over responsibility for the whole of the country, officials said Saturday, a major milestone as the NATO-led war effort winds down after 12 years of fighting.

NATO and Afghan forces kill 25 insurgents

Afghan and coalition forces say they have killed at least 25 insurgents and at least three of their commanders in separate operations around the country in the past two days.

Pak and UK agree to jointly enhance Afghan forces` capacity

Pakistan and Britain on Friday agreed to work jointly to enhance the capacity of the Afghan security forces ahead of the drawdown of international troops and the presidential election in Afghanistan in 2014.

`NATO-led forces combat mission to end in 2013`

The combat mission of NATO-led ISAF will end in 2013 and Afghan forces will take the charge of security of the entire country, President Hamid Karzai said.

Afghan forces arrest senior Taliban leader in Kandahar

Acting upon intelligence report, the security forces raided the hideout of Juma Khan in Panjwai district.

Pak concerned over cross-border shelling by Afgan

Pakistan conveyed its "deep concern" to Afghan over an incident of cross-border shelling by Afghan forces that killed four civilians, including two children.

Afghan inside attack puts US troop deaths at 2,000

The shooting of a US service member marked the 2,000th US troop death in Afghanistan over the long-running conflict.

Taliban claims credit for NATO scrapping joint operations with Afghan forces

The Islamist insurgent group said it had "forced" NATO commanders into the decision by sowing distrust among Afghan and foreign troops.

`Taliban has been successful in infiltrating Afghan forces`

A top American commander in Afghanistan conceded that Taliban has been successful in infiltrating Afghan forces.

UN urges massive support for Afghan forces

The United Nations is urging participants at NATO summit this weekend to provide massive long-term support for Afghanistan`s security forces to ensure that the country is never again a base for terrorism.

Afghan forces foil New Year bomb plot: Official

Afghan security forces have foiled a
new year bomb plot with the discovery of nine tonnes of explosives, Afghanistan`s spy agency said on Sunday.

‘Afghan forces face threat from within’

Afghanistan hopes to create a force of about 350,000 and then trim some of it.

NATO, Afghan forces kill 13 insurgents

Tensions have been rising along Afghanistan`s eastern border with Pakistan in recent weeks.

Afghan forces recapture 71 from Kandahar jailbreak

At least 500 Taliban militants had escaped out of Kandahar Jail via a tunnel.

Afghan forces to start taking over from NATO soon: Report

Afghan President Hamid Karzai plans to formally announce details on March 21.

NATO and Afghan forces kill 10 insurgents in north

The operation in Faryab province was aimed at disrupting Taliban cells.

Attacks strain trust between US, Afghan forces

When insurgents lobbed six grenades into a US-Afghan base in Kandahar this week, some US soldiers who took shelter in a bunker muttered darkly that it looked like an inside job.