US suspects Haqqani tie to Afghan insider attacks

Until now, officials had said the attacks seemed to stem either from personal grievances against the allies or from Taliban infiltration.

Afghan insider attacks may hasten US withdrawal: NATO

NATO`s head Rasmussen comments come as he conceded that the recent Taliban strategy of ‘green on blue’ killings.

Afghan insider attacks: NATO cuts Afghan joint operations

In wake of surging Afghan insider attacks and growing anti-Western sentiments over an anti-Islam film, NATO on Tuesday decided to scale back its joint operations with Afghan forces.

Afghan insider attacks ‘serious threat’: US General Martin Dempsey

Martin Dempsey said the Afghan government needs to take the problem as seriously as do US commanders and officials.

Foreign spies at root of insider attacks: Afghans

In the past, Iran and Pak spies have been accused of enabling Afghan insurgents to destabilise the country.