`Pakistan seeks Afghan talks over Taliban’

Afghanistan has accused Pakistan in the past of supporting the Taliban and associated militant groups.

Head of Taliban school offers to help Afghan talks

The Taliban`s public line is that they will not talk so long as American troops remain in Afghanistan.

Stop "blame game" at US, Afghan talks: Pak

President Hamid Karzai has condemned the firing of 470 rockets from Pakistan into Afghanistan.

Border shelling overshadows US-Pak-Afghan talks

The talks will be the first since Barack Obama announced a faster-than-expected troop withdrawal.

NATO chief to visit Russia for summit, Afghan talks

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen will visit Russia next week for talks on deepening
Russian cooperation on Afghanistan and lay the groundwork for
a major summit.

Iran has a role in Afghan talks: US

The United States recognises that Iran has a role to play in resolving the Afghan conflict, US envoy Richard Holbrooke said on Monday, as Tehran joined talks with a high-level group on Afghanistan for the first time.

Iran joins Afghan peace talks for the first time

Iran took part in a high-level meeting on Afghanistan Monday after the United States said it has no problem with its participation.

Karzai, Petraeus in talks on Afghan militias: Spokesman

Afghanistan`s Prez and commander of foreign forces in the country are trying to reach an agreement on creating a grassroots militias to fight the Taliban, an official said today.

No breakthrough as Afghan peace talks end

A guerrilla group meets Karzai a second time, bringing an initial round of peace talks to a close with no breakthrough.

Pakistan denies arrests thwarted Taliban talks

Pakistan rejected on Friday a suggestion from the former head of the UN mission in Afghanistan that the arrest of senior Afghan Taliban members in Pakistan may have disrupted talks with UN representatives.

Taliban arrests thwart Afghan talks: Ex-UN envoy

The arrests of senior Afghan Taliban members in Pakistan have stopped most talks between the insurgents and UN representatives, the former head of the UN mission in Afghanistan said in a BBC interview.