Kerry, candidates to hold second day of meetings on disputed Afghan vote

US Secretary of State John Kerry held meetings late into the night on Friday in an effort to resolve Afghanistan`s disputed presidential election, warning the two candidates that the country`s transition to a self-reliant state hung in the balance unless the credibility of the vote was restored.

Abdullah still ahead in new Afghan vote results

New partial results released in Afghanistan`s presidential election show candidate Abdullah Abdullah still is the front-runner, though a runoff election will be likely.

US, UN welcome Afghan vote results

The US embassy said in a statement it welcomed the
outcome despite "irregularities and fraud in this election".

Cancelled Afghan vote proves their success: Taliban

The Taliban say the cancelled runoff
election in Afghanistan proves that their efforts to derail
the vote with threats and attacks were successful.

UN official says `widespread fraud` in Afghan vote

The head of the U.N. mission in Afghanistan acknowledged Sunday there was "widespread fraud" in the August presidential election but refused to give specifics or lay blame to avoid influencing the ongoing recount.

Karzai slams EU over vote fraud suspicions

Karzai on Wednesday flayed criticised EU vote monitors for announcing that ballots could be fraudulent.

Over 2,00,000 ballots tossed for fraud in Afghan vote: Official

About 200,000 votes have been thrown out of the tally of Afghan election results because of fraud, an election official said Tuesday.

Karzai widens lead over Abdullah in Afghan vote

President Hamid Karzai widened his lead over his top challenger Wednesday after Afghan officials released more partial vote results.

Abdullah accuses Karzai of `rigging` Afghan vote

President Hamid Karzai`s leading challenger accused him of using the Afghan state to "rig" this week`s election and detailed allegations of cheating by government officials in an interview Saturday with The Associated Press.

Pak congratulates Afghanistan on `successful` vote

Pak congratulated Afghan for "successful holding of elections" and said it believed the vote would further strengthen democratic institutions.

Taliban kill Afghan vote candidate: Police

A candidate standing in Afghanistan`s provincial council poll was
killed in a Taliban ambush in the relatively peaceful north.