Afghanistan bomb blast

Afghan girl injured in blast on way to recovery at AIIMS: Docs

Afghan girl injured in blast on way to recovery at AIIMS: Docs

A 10-year-old girl had suffered severe brain injuries in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Nov 23, 2017, 20:05 PM IST

Seven Afghan civilians killed in bomb attacks

Two young women were killed and one woman wounded in a bomb attack carried out by the Taliban insurgents in the southern Helmand province early morning.

Jun 11, 2014, 13:10 PM IST

Bomb blast strikes army bus in Kabul: Police

A bomb wrecked an army bus in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday and injured several soldiers, police said, as emergency vehicles rushed to the scene and ambulances took victims to hospital.

May 26, 2014, 17:31 PM IST

Roadside bomb kills 2 children: Afghan official

A roadside bomb killed two children in southern Afghanistan on Monday while six bodies found the day before in the restive region where identified as policemen and not labourers, as was initially reported.

Nov 18, 2013, 14:12 PM IST

Bomb blast in north Afghanistan bomb blast, 8 civilians wounded

At least eight civilians have been reportedly wounded in a bomb blast that hit a bazaar in Charbolak district of the northern Balkh province in Afghanistan.

Sep 21, 2013, 16:18 PM IST

Suicide bombing kills at least 6 in central Kabul

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the target was a US intelligence facility nearby.

Sep 08, 2012, 13:10 PM IST

Bomb in Afghan city kills 2, wounds police chief

An Afghan government spokesman says a truck bomb in the south`s largest city has killed two civilians and wounded the provincial police chief.

Aug 28, 2012, 11:32 AM IST

Six children die in Afghan bomb blast

At least six children and one man were killed when a bomb planted in a garbage bin exploded on Friday in Tirin Kot.

Jan 06, 2012, 20:52 PM IST