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'Next prez would have to make tough decisions on Afghanistan'

'Next prez would have to make tough decisions on Afghanistan'

 As US President Barack Obama probably made his final policy decision on Afghanistan by retaining 8,400 troops in the war-torn country by the end of his presidency next January, the White House said the next president will have to make some 'substantial weighty' decisions on the US' current relationship with Afghanistan.

More Americans feel Afghanistan war a mistake: Poll

For the first time since the US military got involved in Afghanistan in 2001, US public opinion about the war is now more negative than positive, showed a poll.

Australia`s war in Afghanistan over: Tony Abbott

"Australia`s longest war" is ending and its defence forces mission in Afghanistan will be complete by 2013 end, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced in a statement Tuesday.

Pakistan`s Nawaz Sharif takes up post-war ties with Barack Obama

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heads to the White House on Wednesday seeking to build a new type of post-Afghanistan war relationship as he presses for an end to drone strikes.

Obama tells nation that Syria is `not another Iraq or Afghanistan`

President Barack Obama told his war-weary country on Saturday that America needs to use limited military force in Syria to deter future chemical weapons attacks, but said he did not want to enter into another costly and protracted war.

Pakistan could end Afghan war `in weeks`: Kabul Army chief

Pakistan could end the Afghan war "in weeks" if it were serious about peace, and is complicit in US drone strikes despite its denunciations of the anti-militant campaign, Afghanistan`s army chief says.

‘Boston suspect left note blaming US wars for attack’

The lone-surviving Boston bombings suspect has claimed responsibility for the deadly terror attack in a note written on the wall of the boat he hid in, saying it was retribution for US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Afghanistan war critic wins UK Parliament seat

George Galloway, a leftist political maverick, won the Bradford West seat in northern England.

Polls won`t alter Afghan war: Panetta

The war in Afghanistan can`t be determined by polls, Dfense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Tuesday.

Petraeus almost quit over Afghan drawdown: Book

The book describes Petraeus` frustration at still being labeled an outsider from the Obama administration.

Petraeus tells CIA analysts to heed troops on war

Critics warn that allowing the military more pushback could keep analysts from giving the war a failing grade.

Bipartisan group of US lawmakers urge Afghan war end

The lawmakers insist that bin laden`s killing made Afghan war unnecessary.

Gates foresees turning point in Afghanistan war

NATO commanders expect an increase in violence in Afghanistan in the spring.

Afghan war civilian deaths hit record high: UN

latest UN figures show a 15% rise in the number of Afghan civilians killed last year.

Afghanistan war won`t end like Vietnam: NATO

The US-led military coalition in Afghanistan numbers over 140,000 troops.

WikiLeaks releases CIA memo on US terror recruits

The memo warns of fallout if US came to be seen as an exporter of terrorism.

Next US target: The birthplace of the Taliban

Zhari is an iconic, psychologically significant spot for the Taliban. Just about two miles (three kilometers) south of the main US base of Howz-e-Madad, Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar ran an Islamic school

US dismisses Zardari`s remark that war is lost in Afghanistan

The United States Wednesday dismissed Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari`s view that
US-backed coalition forces are losing the war in Afghanistan.

Pentagon complains of `negative` picture of Afghan war

The Pentagon on Thursday said US-led forces are making headway against the Taliban, despite what it called an overly gloomy portrayal of the war shaped by media coverage.

US toll passes 1,000 deaths in Afghanistan war: Report

The American military death toll in Afghanistan surpassed 1,000.