Regular meditation can slow age-related loss of gray matter in brain

A new study suggests that practicing meditation on a regular basis can help give a boost to the brain and slows down the loss of brain's gray matter due to aging.

New genes involved in long-term memory revealed

A new study has shed light on a genome and has revealed new genes that are involved in forming long-term memories.

Eating fish may help prevent hearing loss in women

 Consumption of two or more servings of fish per week may reduce the risk of hearing loss in women, US researchers said Wednesday.

Antibiotic rapamycin may help slow aging: Study

A new animal study has revealed that the drug rapamycin, approved for use about 15 years ago, might help in the process of slow aging.

94% of Indian dermatologists recommend sunscreen to prevent skin problems: Study

Skin problems are one of the most common issues that many people face during the hot summer season. But, the good thing is that most of these problems can be dealt with a good sunscreen and a good cleansing routine.

Anti-diabetic drug may slow aging too

Keeping the years off your face may soon become a lot easier as researchers have now discovered new evidence that anti-diabetic drug metformin slows aging and increases lifespan.

A cup of coffee a day keeps retinal damage away

Gradually, the medical community is changing its tune from “coffee is more trouble than it is worth” to “it is not as bad as we were told!” Yes, you have got another reason to have a cup of coffee everyday.

Older men who ignore knee pain risk worse problems

Shrugging off chronic knee pain as an inevitable part of aging puts men in their 70s at risk for accelerated muscle loss, falls and generally reduced quality of life, a new study suggests.

Drinking beer may make you live longer while coffee shorter

Researchers have claimed that caffeine shortens and alcohol lengthens telomeres - the end points of chromosomal DNA, implicated in aging and cancer.

Staying active all day linked to healthy aging

A generally active life, even without regular exercise sessions, was tied to better heart health and greater longevity in a study of older Swedes.

Household bleach solution may prevent skin from inflammatory damage

A new research has found that processes that age and damage skin are impeded by dilute bleach solution.

Memory testing can age older adults in minutes

Older adults who feel younger than they really are might want to steer clear of memory tests, or risk feeling older, a new study suggests.

Google to form health company led by Genentech chairman

Google Inc said it plans to set up a new company called Calico, headed by Apple Inc and Genentech Chairman Art Levinson, to develop technologies to tackle health issues related to aging.

Researchers isolate gene that reverses aging

Researchers have reversed aging in old mice by injecting them with a longevity gene and rejuvenating their stem cells` regenerative potential.

New laser technique can reveal skin’s true age

A group of Taiwanese researchers has used a specialized microscope to peer harmlessly beneath the skin surface to measure natural age-related changes in the sizes of skin cells.

Christina Aguilera embraces aging

Pop star Christina Aguilera says she is not bothered about the aging process and is embracing it.

Fish oil supplements `may slow biological effect of aging`

Taking enough omega-3 fatty acid supplements to change the balance of oils in the diet could slow a key biological process linked to aging.

Anxiety may lead to premature aging

A common form of anxiety, known as phobic anxiety, was found to be associated with factor for accelerated aging.

Declining testosterone levels in men `not part of normal ageing`

A drop in testosterone levels over time is more likely to result from a man’s behavioural and health changes than by aging, a new study has found.

Gene behind chronic inflammation, aging and cancer identified

Researchers have identified a single gene that simultaneously controls inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer.