India successfully test-fires N-capable Agni-V missile from Wheeler Island

India’s first long-range nuclear capable missile, Agni-V, was successfully launched on Sunday for the second time in Odisha.

Nuclear-powered Agni-V, with range of 5000 kms, to be test-fired tomorrow

India will on Sunday test for the second time its longest-range Agni-V nuclear-capable missile.

India to `stabilise` present missile programme: Antony

Defence Minister AK Antony on Monday indicated that India will first "stabilise" its present missile programmes.

‘India can make missiles with 8,000 km range’

India is capable of developing missiles that can hit targets located at more than 8,000 km away, a top official said.

Agni-V with multiple warheads: DRDO chief

Agni-V is set to get substantially higher destruction capabilities with plans to equip it with multiple warheads.

`Agni-V has boosted defence preparedness`

India`s defence preparedness has been boosted by the successful launch of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile Agni-V, MoS Defence Pallam Raju said.

India developing Anti-Radiation Missile

India is developing an Anti-Radiation Missile which can hugely multiply the strike capabilities by destroying the enemy`s advance warning system.

Parliament hails launch of Agni-V

Parliament today hailed the successful launch of the nuclear capable, 5000 km range Agni-V missile, which propelled India into an elite group of nations possessing such advanced technology.

`India cut Agni-V range under NATO pressure`

Continuing its tirade against the successful launch of Agni-V, Chinese state media accused New Delhi of buckling under NATO pressure to cut down the missile`s range from 9000 km to 5000 km.

Agni-V reflects political will of UPA: Congress

Successful launch of Agni-V reflects technical prowess of India and political will of government while it continues to build friendly relationships.

Agni-V places India on a footing with China: US media

India`s successful launch of Agni V heightens fears of an Asian arms race, US media reports said.

Production of Agni-V to start this year: Saraswat

India has emerged as a major missile power with the successful launch of Agni V ballistic missile and the production of the weapon system would start in a year`s time, DRDO chief V K Saraswat said Thursday.

Agni-V launch a major milestone: Antony

Defence Minister A K Antony Thursday described the maiden test flight of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Agni-5 as an "immaculate success" and a "major milestone".

Agni-V missile test likely this Wednesday

Range preparation for the maiden test of indigenously developed nuclear capable `Agni-V` ballistic missile is "near complete".

`Nuclear-capable Agni-V to be tested soon`

India`s ambitious 5,000-km range Agni-V nuclear-capable missile will be launched soon, a senior scientist said here Sunday.

Agni-V launch soon: DRDO

Agni-V is in the final phase of testing
and is soon set for launch, a senior DRDO official said.

`Nuclear-capable Agni-V to be tested soon`

India`s ambitious 5,000-km range Agni-V nuclear-capable missile will be launched soon, a senior scientist said here Sunday.

‘Killer’ Indian missile alarms China

India is gearing up to test its 5000
km range Agni-V missile in February next year.