New maps offer clearer view of global agriculture
New maps offer clearer view of global agriculture

To know precisely where agricultural land is located for regional and global food security planning, two new maps offer a clearer view of global agriculture.

Centre acceds to Kerala`s plea to keep agricultural land out of ESA

Acceding to Kerala government`s demand, the Centre today decided to keep agricultural land, plantations and habitations out of Ecologically Senstive Areas (ESAs) identified by a committee.

Govt eases norms on use of agricultural land for construction activity

Delhi Government on Wednesday lifted certain restrictions on use of agricultural land for construction activities.

Monkeys damage crops on 15,596 hectares of Agri land: J&K Govt

Monkeys have been annually damaging various type of crops covering over 15,000 hectares of land in Jammu division of the state.

Diversion of agricultural land raised in Rajya Sabha

The issue of diversion of agricultural land for other purposes was raised in Rajya Sabha Monday.

Govt selling fertile agricultural land at throwaway prices: BJP

BJP Tuesday accused the Uttarakhand government of selling farmers` land at throwaway prices in the name of industrial development.

Ban sought on sale of agricultural land in Goa

Former union minister of state Ramakant Khalap has asked Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to ban the sale of agricultural land to non-agriculturists.

‘Govt should not acquire agricultural land for industries’

JPP strongly opposed any move to acquire agricultural land for industries even though it made clear that the party was not against industrialization.

Cost of Kerala`s Kuttanad package is Rs 4,500 cr

The Kerala government expects to incur a Rs 4,500 crore expenditure on implementing various schemes for renovation of agricultural land in Kuttanad, in Alappuzha district, under the Kuttanad package.

NCP demands legislation to protect agricultural land

NCP has urged the Congress
government here to bring forward a legislation to protect
fertile farmlands and prevent activities of realtors.