Major disaster averted at Mumbai airport

In what could have led to a major disaster, an Air India plane aborted landing at the Mumbai airport at the last minute after an alert ATC spotted a Jet Airways aircraft on the air strip.

School students help avert possible air disaster

Five school students, who were
partying on a South Delhi terrace last weekend, apparently
helped save over 350 lives when they saw flames coming out of
the engine of an aircraft and alerted
the police.

Major air disaster averted in Mumbai

In what could have been like another Mangalore disaster in terms of the number of casualties, a major air accident was averted by Mumbai airport authorities late Wednesday night.

DGCA report on near-miss at Mumbai airport likely today

The DGCA is likely to submit its preliminary report to
the Civil Aviation Ministry on Tuesday on Sunday night`s near-miss
incident at Mumbai airport when two aircraft took off almost
simultaneously from the same runway.