Air France staff refuse to fly to Ebola-hit nations

Some Air France flight crews are refusing to board planes bound for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria over fears of the Ebola outbreak, the airline said on Tuesday.

Air France Paris-Rio crash due to human error: Experts

An "inappropriate response" from stressed pilots was responsible for the 2009 crash into the Atlantic of an Air France plane flying from Rio to Paris that killed all 228 people on board, a new experts` report said.

Air France warns recovery at risk due to major pilots` strike

Air France warned Tuesday a pilots` strike due next month risked hampering the airline`s painstaking recovery just as the company is emerging out of the woods after years of losses.

French plane diverted after Russia closes airspace

Air France says a plane carrying 495 passengers and 22 crew was diverted on its way from Shanghai to Paris after Russia announced at short notice that part of its airspace was closed for a military exercise.

Bomb threat empties Air France jet in Caracas

Authorities in Venezuela evacuated an Air France jet poised for takeoff to Paris after French officials warned of a potential bomb threat.

Three soldiers arrested in drug flight: Venezuela

Venezuela`s interior minister says two National Guard sergeants and one lieutenant have been arrested for alleged involvement in the smuggling of 1.4 metric tons of cocaine to Paris on an Air France flight in three dozen suitcases.

Air France plane returns to Mumbai after engine problem

A Paris-bound Air France plane with 212 people on board was forced to return to the airport here in the wee hours on Monday, barely 27 minutes after take-off, due to engine dysfunction.

Air France asks passengers to ‘chip in for fuel’

France has suspended flights to Damascus since March because of the deadly unrest sweeping Syria.

Air France flight to Beirut diverted to Damascus

Syria`s civil war has ignited long-simmering tensions in Lebanon in recent days, including the protests that closed the airport road.

`Strauss-Kahn propositioned air hostesses`

Air France ordered that only male stewards work in their first class cabin when Strauss-Kahn flies.

Air France captain was absent when descent began

The flight recorders from an Air France plane that crashed nearly two years ago show that the captain only arrived in the cockpit after the plane had begun its fateful 3 1/2-minute descent, officials said on Friday.

Black boxes indicate pilot error in Air France crash: Report

Preliminary findings have found that pilots failed to properly manage other critical systems of the jet.

Two bodies from Air France crash may be identified

Investigators have extracted DNA from two bodies salvaged from the wreckage.

Second Rio-Paris plane crash body retrieved

The Air France Rio-Paris flight plunged into the sea off Brazil 2 years ago.

Body from 2009 Air France crash in Atlantic raised

The victim was still strapped into the seat, making the recovery difficult.

Families seek `neutral` test of Air France black box

Search teams have retrieved 1 of 2 black box flight recorders of the plane.

Investigators find black box from Air France crash

Investigators hope black box will help determine what caused June 2009 crash.

Air France jet takes off after bomb scare in Brazil

An Air France passenger jet resumed its flight from Rio to Paris after a bomb scare triggered an emergency landing in northeastern Brazil. No explosive was found on board.

Air France jet lands in Brazil after bomb threat

All 405 passengers and 18 crew members were safely evacuated from the jet.

Air France jet may have turned before crash

An Air France jet going from Rio de
Janeiro to Paris may have turned around before it crashed last year, killing all 228 people aboard.