Argentina sees UFO sightings as threat to air security

Argentina`s Air Force has received many reports of UFO sightings by pilots.

Body scan boycott would be mistake: TSA chief

With one of the year`s busiest traveling days fast approaching, the Obama administration`s top transportation security official on Monday urged passengers angry over safety procedures not to boycott airport body scans.

Govts tighten air security after Yemen plot

Govts in West have tightened aviation security after Yemen parcel bomb plot was foiled in Britain.

Britain, Germany tighten air security after bomb plot

Britain and Germany have tightened air security measures amid growing fears about the safety of cargo.

Obama orders up more air security, intelligence sharing

Hundreds of law enforcement officers are being trained as federal air marshals to ramp up security as the Obama administration tries to prevent a repeat of the near-catastrophic attempt to blow up an airliner on Christmas Day.

Yemen tightens security around embassies, airport

Security has been ratcheted up around the airport and foreign embassies in Sana’a, Yemeni officials said on Monday, amid fears of strikes by an al Qaeda branch linked to a botched attack on a US airliner.

IATA for minimal use of pat-down searches for air security

With the US issuing tougher rules for air security, the IATA on Thursday said it supports improved technology to devise long-term solutions and recommended minimal use of measures like pat-down searches.

Nigerian charged with trying to blow up US plane

US investigators on Sunday tried to piece together terrorism connections of a Nigerian man who has been charged with attempting to blow up a US jetliner after reportedly confessing that he had been trained by al Qaeda in Yemen.