China to develop more aircraft carriers

Buoyed by successful trials of its first aircraft carrier, China plans to build more new carriers as it looks to spread out its global naval presence in the midst of maritime disputes with a host of neighbours.

Indian Navy to have 200 warships in 10 years

Indian Navy would have 200 warships in another 10 years, with three aircraft carriers in each of the three naval commands, for which orders have already been given to various docks in the country, a senior official said here on Wednesday.

China to have more aircraft carriers: Official

The Liaoning, commissioned last year, is the Chinese military`s first aircraft carrier, but there will surely be more in future, a spokesman of the ministry of national defence said Thursday.

China ready to build more aircraft carriers

The Chinese state-owned firm said it is ready to build more as China looks to become a maritime power to assert its influence in the region.

China needs `three aircraft carriers`: General

China recently confirmed it was revamping an old Soviet ship to be its first carrier.