Olympics could `paralyze` Rio airport: Airlines

 Planned closure of airspace over Rio`s Guanabara Bay during sailing competitions at next year`s Olympics would "paralyze" air travel and affect more than 150,000 passengers, airlines said Friday.

20 transgressions recorded in India's airspace in 2 years: Govt

India has seen 20 transgressions of its airspace by unidentified aircraft along the border since 2014, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday said.

Bardarbunga volcano airspace reopens: Iceland

Iceland reopened the airspace over the Bardarbunga volcano system Friday afternoon, lowering a red alert declared earlier following a small overnight eruption.

NATO reopens Kosovo airspace for civilian overflights

NATO said Friday it has reopened the upper airspace over Kosovo for civilian traffic 15 years after the war, enabling commercial flights to take more direct routes across the Balkans.

Iranian drone spotted in Bahrain`s airspace

Bahrain`s Interior Minister on Wednesday said an Iranian drone was spotted in Bahrain`s airspace in the northern part of the country near Saudi Arabia.

Turkish flights banned from Syrian airspace

The decision came days after Turkey intercepted a Syrian plane en route from Moscow to Damascus and seized what it said was military equipment.

China to open up low-altitude airspace

China`s low-altitude airspace is controlled by the Air Force and the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Iraq controls airspace for 1st time since 2003

The Iraqi air traffic controllers have been directing the movement in the air routes of all aircraft in the area.

‘Sri Lanka to protest US intrusion of airspace’

Sri Lanka has alleged that a
squadron of ten US fighter jets violated its airspace.

Libyan airspace closed over Tripoli: Austrian Army

The airspace over the Libyan capital Tripoli was closed indefinitely, according to the Austrian Army.

Delhi airspace to remain closed for an hour on Jan 23, 24, 26

In view of Republic Day
celebrations, air space over the national capital will remain
closed for an hour on January 23, 24 and 26.

NATO helicopters violate Pak airspace

Two NATO gunship helicopters
violated Pakistani airspace and flew over its northwestern
border with Afghanistan on Monday, a security official said.

Pak says IAF aircraft violated its airspace 20 times this year

Pakistan on Friday claimed that
Indian Air Force aircraft had violated its airspace 20 times
this year and 182 times since November 2007.

Iran says foreign planes violated its airspace

Iran said unidentified foreign planes violated its air space six times as the country kicked off its biggest ever air defense drill.

Canada-Russia airspace `showdown` over Arctic

In yet another incident reminiscent of the Cold War, Canada revealed that two Russian bombers were intercepted trying to enter its airspace.

Turkey closes airspace to some Israeli flights

Turkey has closed its airspace to some Israeli military flights following a deadly aid ship raid.

Turkish airspace closed to Israel: Report

Turkey`s ban comes in the wake of Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

Saudi denies Israel airspace deal against Iran

Saudi Arabia won`t allow Israeli jets to use its airspace to attack Iran.

UK airspace may close due to volcanic ash

Parts of British airspace may have to close from Sunday due to volcanic ash from Iceland.

Ash clouds closes airspace in France, Italy, Portugal

Airspace above France, Italy and
Portugal was closed today and dozens of flights cancelled
because of an ash cloud drifting over from a volcano in
Iceland that caused air travel chaos last month.