Akshay Kumar thanks fans for their love
Akshay Kumar thanks fans for their love

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has an ocean of fan following. The Punjabi munda, who is hugely popular among women for his flawless good looks and among fans across all age groups for his comic timing, took to Twitter to thanks his fans for wishing him on his birthday.

Akshay Kumar in love with Nepali fans` support

Ever since Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar reached Nepal, he has been appreciating the Hindu shrines and now the support from the locals.

Akshay Kumar feels blessed by fan`s love

Akshay Kumar might have a lot of fans, but one fan who walked all the way from Haryana to Mumbai, just to meet him, left him spellbound.

What makes Akshay Kumar feel lucky?

Akshay Kumar felt lucky and blessed when he received a token of love from fans from Sholapur on the occasion of Gudi Padwa.

West Bengal fans win Akshay Kumar`s heart

Actor Akshay Kumar got emotional after receiving a family sketch featuring him and his parents from his fans from West Bengal.