Giant tortoises, renovated enclosures gives Kolkata zoo a makeover

With a pair of giant tortoises gifted from the islands of Seychelles and renovated enclosures, the Kolkata zoo now boasts a fresh look in the festive season.

Kolkata zoo to get giant tortoises from Seychelles

The Alipore Zoo here is all set to host a pair of giant tortoises from the island nation of Seychelles. They are expected to arrive later this week, an official said Thursday.

Kolkata zoo enclosures inspected after Delhi death

The Alipore zoo authorities here have stepped up vigilance and are inspecting the security systems surrounding the enclosures following the death of a youth in the Delhi zoo after being mauled by a white tiger Tuesday.

Kolkata zoo probes escape of zebra

Alipore zoo authorities here are investigating the matter of escape of a male zebra Wednesday from an enclosure where it was undergoing treatment. The animal has been captured and put in a separate area.

Baby giraffe dead, hours after birth at Lucknow zoo

For 14 months, anxious animal lovers waited for a pregnant giraffe at the Lucknow zoo to give birth. All the hope turned to gloom, when the baby giraffe died, soon after birth, officials said.

Bengal to set up rescue centres for stray jumbos

West Bengal government is planning to set up two `Elephant Rescue Centres` on a pilot basis.