Seattle police find no explosives after Amazon HQ threat

Seattle police are investigating an unspecified threat close to`s headquarters in the South Lake Union neighborhood of the city, authorities said on Monday.

Amazon likely to launch live Internet TV service

Online retail giant Amazon is reportedly working on offering a live TV service that would stream over the Internet.

Amazon tops malware-hosting servers ahead of Google, GoDaddy

Amazon web services have become the biggest malware server in the world along with GoDaddy and Google, a new report revealed.

After NYT, Google and Outlook, Amazon hit by 30-minute `unexplained` outage

US shopping site reportedly fell prey to the trending incidence of websites going offline for hours.

Amazon to launch own `streaming music service`

Online retailer Amazon is reportedly in talks with recording labels to launch an on-demand music service. launches India specific shopping service today launched a new service for Indian consumers, claiming to offer 1.2 crore products.

24 million customer accounts hacked at Zappos

Online shoe retailer Zappos told customers this weekend that it has been the victim of a cyber attack affecting more than 24 million customer accounts in its database.

Amazon`s advertising push gains steam Inc is known as the world`s largest online retailer, but the company is aggressively expanding in online advertising, putting it on course for a clash with Google Inc, the leader in the space. launches digital book library service

US online retailer said Kindle owners with an Amazon Prime membership will now get access to the company`s new digital book library service. to acquire British Book Depository

The Book Depository last year had an operating profit of 2.3 million pounds.

Amazon wipes up diapers for $540 mn has swooped up company that owns website for $540 mn, the web retailer announced.

You could log in and Kindle this Diwali: The Indian Express

Kindle, the e-book reader sold by the huge international internet bookseller, has just gone global.