Kashkari clashes with Romney over minimum wage

Indian-American Neel Kashkari, who is seeking to run for California governor elections later this year, has developed differences with his Republican party leader Mitt Romney on raising minimum wage.

China plans to operate bullet trains to America

China plans to build an ambitious 13,000 km rail line to operate bullet trains to America through Russia passing through a tunnel underneath the Pacific Ocean to reach the continental US via Alaska and Canada.

Indians, Asians fast becoming politically relevant in US: Report

With Indians and other Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders growing in number at a fast pace, people of colour will be in the majority in the US by mid-century, according to a new report.

Indian-Americans form 3rd largest Asian population in US

Indian-Americans numbering 3.34 million is the third largest Asian community in the United States, after China and Philippines, a report said.

US deepening its ties with India, China, Indonesia: Obama

US deepening ties with emerging powers like China, India and Indonesia as part of its long- term commitment to Asia, President Barack Obama has said.

Nikki Haley faces new challenge from retd judge in re-election bid

Indian-American South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is facing fresh challenge in her re-election bid with a retired judge joining the race for governorship as an independent.

Ex-Marine gets 10-year sentence in Iran: Report

An Iranian news agency is reporting that an appeals court has overturned a death sentence of an American man convicted of working for the CIA, instead sentencing him to 10 years in prison.

Iran says not considering alternative UN pick

Iran signalled its defiance on Saturday over America`s refusal to grant a visa to its chosen UN ambassador, saying it does not plan to pick an alternative envoy.

US plans to allow spouse of H1B visa holder to work in America

Spouses of H-1B visa holders with technical skills may be allowed to work in the US under a new initiative by the Obama administration to attract the best and brightest from across the world.

Spotlight on Indian-American contributions to US culture

Bollywood, curry and yoga may be the bywords for India in the West.

Fewer Americans think Obama respected internationally

For the first time since he came to office more than five years ago, more Americans now believe US President Barack Obama is not respected by world leaders than those who do, a Gallup poll released Monday found.

Made in USA: Pentagon to use only 100 pc American flags

It is the ultimate symbol of chest-thumping American patriotic pride and now the United States flag must be "100 percent made in the USA" -- at least where the Pentagon is concerned.

Most Americans don`t know that Earth circles Sun: Poll

Americans are enthusiastic about the promise of science but lack basic knowledge of it, with one in four unaware that the Earth revolves around the Sun, said a poll out Friday.

Washington paralysed as massive winter storm hits America

Life in the American capital was virtually paralysed Thursday as a massive winter storm moving north walloped the Washington region.

America`s only Clovis skeleton`s genome dating 13,000 years mapped

In a new study, researchers have mapped the genome of the only Clovis human skeleton to revive the scientific debate about the colonization of the Americas.

Electric car traverses America in just 76 hours

American motor company Tesla has supposedly set a new world record for the least amount of charging time for an electric car crossing the country in 76 hours.

America is not so `beautiful` in Hindi or Spanish!

A one minute Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial showing different immigrant communities singing "America the Beautiful" in seven different languages, including Hindi, has sparked a major row leaving conservative critics fuming.

`Obama may accept deal offering legal status to 11m illegals`

US President Barack Obama signalled potential compromise on immigration reform that could provide path to citizenship to 11 million people, including some 2,40,000 Indians, in America illegally.

Justin Bieber deportation petition gets 100,000 signatures

Justin Bieber faces the threat of deportation from America after thousands of people signed a petition to get him kicked out of the country.

Grand Canyon took its present form around 6 mn years ago

A new research has suggested that the world famous Grand Canyon took its present form relatively recently, and most of it was put in place just five to six million years ago.