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Plane in Chicago had rare, serious engine failure: Official

Pilots were forced to abort a takeoff and evacuate passengers from a burning American Airlines flight on a runway at Chicago O'Hare International Airport after the airliner experienced what a federal official said was a rare and serious type of engine failure.

American Airlines jet catches fire on takeoff at Chicago airport

A footage showed the idled plane on the ground with flames and large clouds of black smoke billowing from its right side and emergency slides deployed on the left side.

Venezuela`s woes deepen as Citibank shuts teller window

Venezuela`s woes deepen as Citibank shuts teller window

Venezuela`s howling economic woes have worsened.

Explosions hit Zaventem airport in Belgium's capital Brussels

Two explosions 'near American Airlines departure desk'. To know more, watch the full news.

Boston-bound airline pilot dies; co-pilot lands safely in NY

Details of the medical emergency and the identity of the dead pilot weren't immediately released, and the airline wouldn't say when the death occurred.

American stops flights at 3 airports, problems soon resolved

 American Airlines says it has fixed a technology problem that was grounding flights to and from Dallas, Chicago and Miami today.

Boeing says efficiency supports strong outlook, despite hurdles

Boeing stock was down 0.2% at $145.61 in afternoon trading.

British Airways may consider hub-and-spoke operations with Indian partner

British Airways (BA) may consider partnering with an Indian carrier for hub-and-spoke operations in line with its relationship with American Airlines depending on how the market develops over the next 2-3 years, a top official said.

AMR okays merger deal with US Airways to create world’s largest airline

Post the deal the airlines will bear the name of American Airlines.