Spying techniques exposed by Edward Snowden not unlawful: UK watchdog

British spies did not break laws guaranteeing human rights when they used mass monitoring techniques revealed by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, the country`s surveillance watchdog ruled on Friday.

Lawsuit against US Army for not enlisting Sikh student

Two US-based rights groups have filed a lawsuit against the US Army for allegedly not enlisting a Sikh student in the Reserve Officer Training Corps programme, unless he shaved his beard and cut his hair.

Botched US execution may renew `cruel` challenges

The botched execution of an Oklahoma inmate is certain to fire up the debate over what constitutes cruel and unusual punishment — the phrase written into the US Constitution and defined by the courts, piece by piece, over two centuries.

Sri Lankan Tamils journey to US turns into ordeal

The journey of five Sri Lankan Tamil men, who fled their homeland, turned into an ordeal as after travelling through several countries they ended up languishing in American jails.

US appeals court reverses CIA drone secrecy ruling

A US appeals court has reversed a lower court ruling which allowed the CIA to refuse to confirm whether it had information on the use of unmanned drones to kill suspected terrorists.

US refuses to release CIA drone strikes details

The US government has asked a federal court to dismiss lawsuits that sought release of documents about CIA`s drone strikes abroad.

Reveal info about drone attacks, Obama admin urged

America`s prominent civil liberties union on Thursday urged the Obama administration to reveal information about its most secretive, predator drone program.

ACLU calls Obama admin to release CIA torture report

A prominent civil liberties organisation on Saturday asked the Obama administration to release a CIA report on the legality and effectiveness of the agency`s "enhanced interrogation" programme without significant redactions.