India-US are at a "new page" in their ties: American diplomat

The United States on Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s visit to America next month could "redefine" the bilateral relationship as both the countries were "at a new page" in their ties.

`Condoleezza Rice brought world`s largest and oldest democracies together`

Former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, played a key role in bringing the world`s largest democracy, India, and the oldest democracy, the US, "together", a top American diplomat has said.

`Security at US missions in India being beefed up`

Security at US embassy here and four of its consulates across India is being tightened following killing of a top American diplomat in Libya.

US ambassador to Pak calls for "renewal" of ties

With US-Pak relations at an
all time low, the top American diplomat here has called for a
"renewal" of its ties with Islamabad, even as he called India
a "natural friend".

US steps up pressure on Pak to release American diplomat

Zardari said Washington should wait for the court’s decision on the American national.

Vietnamese police roughed up American diplomat: US

Police repeatedly slammed a car door on American diplomat`s leg in Vietnam.