Suicide bomber attacks Baghdad intelligence headquarters, 8 dead

A suicide bomber rammed a vehicle into an intelligence headquarters in Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least eight people, police and medical sources said.

US flying armed drones over Baghdad: Official

The US military is flying "a few" armed drones over Baghdad to defend American troops and diplomats in the Iraqi capital if necessary, a senior US official said Friday.

Suicide bomber kills 10 in central Iraq

A suicide bomber detonated a vehicle rigged with explosives at a police checkpoint in central Iraq on Monday, killing 10 people, an officer and a medical source said.

Haqqani for dialogue among regional powers on Afghanistan

Former Pakistan Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani today urged regional powers to begin dialogue to prevent Afghanistan from slipping into a civil war-like situation after pullout of American troops later this year.

India crucial for economic future of Afghanistan: US official

A top US official has termed New Delhi crucial for economic growth of the country post the withdrawal of American troops from there.

2 American troops die in Afghanistan: US military

Two American troops were killed on Saturday by insurgents in eastern Afghanistan, an area that has seen heavy fighting in recent months, the US military said.

US Army recommends trial for Afghanistan suicide

US military investigators have
recommended a court martial for four American troops over the
suicide of their fellow infantryman.

US to announce Afghanistan troop withdrawal?

US President Barack Obama is likely to announce the drawdown of American troops from Afghanistan on Wednesday, senior administration officials said.

Two American troops killed in Afghan attacks

NATO kills leader of an insurgent cell responsible for laying roadside bombs.

Three Americans killed in Afghan bomb explosions

Three Americans - two soldiers and a civilian - were killed in two roadside bomb explosions in Afghanistan, NATO-led military said Saturday.

Afghan soldier shoots dead two American troops

An Afghan soldier on guard at a joint base with US troops shot dead two American servicemen and wounded two others as they slept, a provincial official said on Saturday.

US denies troops involved in combat in Philippines

US officials on Friday denied American troops were violating Philippine laws by engaging in combat against Muslim militants, saying they were only training Filipino soldiers and their mission was temporary.