Neanderthals carried more copies of potentially detrimental mutations

Scientists have revealed that Neanderthals carried more copies of mutations that would alter the amino acid makeup of proteins than modern humans possess, which suggests that their populations across Eurasia were likely small and isolated.

Shun snacks that affect a good night`s sleep

everal studies suggest that eating a small snack a few hours before bedtime may help you sleep by preventing hunger from waking you.

Increased levels of amino acid may lead to diabetes

Elevated levels of an amino acid in the blood may contribute to the development of diabetes, scientists have warned.

New treatment for osteoporosis discovered

Researchers have discovered a promising new treatment for osteoporosis which involves a compound that boosts bone formation and can be easily delivered in water soluble form.

Meat, egg and dairy nutrient vital for brain development

An amino acid, found in foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products, is essential for normal brain development, scientists have found.

Amino acid found in salmon could help beat diabetes

New research has suggested that the amino acid arginine, which is found in foods like salmon, eggs and nuts is able to boost the body’s ability to metabolise glucose.

Researchers identify anti-cancer amino acid fragment

Scientists have identified an amino acid fragment that can be used to halt cancer spread, says a study.

Why plants never get sunburnt `solved`

Ultra-violet rays -- the most powerful part of the sun`s rays -- can damage both humans and plants.

Almonds can boost men’s sex lives

Here`s a piece of advice for men who want a healthy sex life - start taking more almonds.