World`s first `feeling` leg prosthesis offers new hope to amputees

The world`s first artificial leg capable of simulating the feelings of a real limb and fighting phantom pain will be unveiled by researchers in Vienna on Monday.

Artificial legs that emulate healthy ones give fresh hope to amputees

Advances in robotics technology has made it possible to create prosthetics that can duplicate the natural movement of human legs.

Soon, prosthetic hand to be touch-sensitive

New research is laying the groundwork for touch-sensitive prosthetic limbs that could convey real-time sensory data to amputees via a direct interface with the brain.

Mind-controlled limbs could give amputees sense of touch

DARPA, the Pentagon`s advanced research group, has achieved some big breakthroughs that may help restore a sense of touch to military personnel who have lost limbs in service of their countries.