New York cop in serious condition after hatchet attack

A rookie New York police officer remained in hospital in a serious condition on Friday after being attacked by a man with a hatchet who was then shot dead by officers.

US governor signs legislation to combat heroin epidemic

New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a legislation to combat the growing heroin epidemic across the state, a media report said Tuesday.

US state gears up for Atlantic hurricane season

New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo Tuesday urged residents of the US east coast state to get fully prepared as the Atlantic hurricane season approaches.

NY set to allow limited use of medical marijuana

New York would become the 21st state to allow medical use of marijuana under an initiative Gov. Andrew Cuomo will unveil this week.

13 killed as massive snowstorm hits northeastern US

Residents across the US northeast braced for a weekend with temperatures plummeting to dangerously cold levels after a massive snow storm dumped several inches of snow from Boston to New York, killing at least 13 people and cancelling thousands of flights.

US’ NRA head defends comparison of NY Guv Cuomo to Hitler

President of the US’ National Rifle Association (NRA) has said that their was nothing wrong with protesters comparing Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Adolf Hitler.

New York Governor calls for assault weapons ban

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is thought to be considering a run for the US presidency in 2016.

Another storm hits NY, NJ; thousands powerless

A severe northeaster storm caused heavy snowfall across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, leaving over 160,000 residents without power and hundreds of flights cancelled.

New York subway to begin limited service today

Many tunnels that carry trains were flooded by the Hurricane Sandy, which represents the worst natural disaster in the transit system`s 108-year history.

New York: Agreement reached to complete 9/11 museum

A decade after the 9/11 attacks, top New York officials have reached an agreement to complete construction of a museum at Ground Zero.