App for fitness freaks to stay motivated

Jog and earn a free cupcake! Now, a new software application launched here Monday helps fitness freaks to stay motivated by earning rewards and discounts on a host of services to keep the momentum going.

Google Play stares at serious security breach: Study

Using a new tool called PlayDrone, researchers at Columbia Engineering have discovered a crucial security problem in Google Play - the official Android app store where millions of Android users get their apps.

Device that texts you if your bike gets stolen

All of us have heard or seen trackers that would nail car or SUV thieves down but here comes a system that texts you if someone steals, or even touches, your motorbike in the parking!

Google unveils `URL Shortener` app for free

In yet another service, Google has reportedly unveiled an Android app for shortening URLs -

YouTube Android app code hints at possible `Music Pass` service

The YouTube app for Android reportedly consists of a code that hints towards a possible `Music Pass` service, in tune with the video site`s plans to launch a subscription music service.

Google redesigns logo, homepage

Google has revamped its official logo on its search page and has replaced the previous menu bar with a smaller range of links on the page`s right side.

Facebook Home`s lock screen feature updated on Android app

A new update to Facebook`s Android app will let users access photos and posts from friends on the lock screen of their phones, without having to unlock it.

Google Play leaking app users` personal info

Concerns over a possible Google privacy issue have emerged as an Australian app developer discovered he had access to the personal information of users who downloaded his Android app in Google Play.