App turns smartphone into spy gadget

How about turning your smartphone into a spy gadget? It`s possible with a new app.

Google updates developer policy to crack down on shady, deceptive ads

Google has reportedly updated its policy following which new rules have been laid down by the company for app developers in an attempt to crack down on shady and deceptive advertisements.

Samsung to take down own Android apps following Google push

Samsung is reportedly said to take down some of its apps developed for the Android platform following pressure from Google to keep its OS purer.

Twitter trying to keep kids and booze apart with `age-screening system`

Twitter has introduced an age-screening system that the micro blogging site said will help alcohol brands `safely grow their of age network`.

Amazon beats Google, Apple with paid-for Android apps in China

Amazon has launched its first ever paid-for Android apps in China, beating Google, which has offered only free apps. This move is considered as Amazon`s strategy to delve deep into the Chinese mobile phone market.

Thousands of Android apps ‘collect too much user info’

Thousands of smartphone applications available for download from Google`s Play Store may be collecting too much data from users, a research firm has said.

Google tackles malicious Android apps with stricter rules

Google has introduced stricter guidelines for application developers to cut down on malicious apps on its Android platform.