Facebook Messenger set to arrive on Windows Phone

Facebook has reportedly announced that it would be soon launching its Messenger chat app on Windows Phone.

Fake Flappy Bird versions running malware on Android

Soon after the original Flappy Bird was taken down by its creator, a host of fake apps mushroomed in third-party Android app marketplaces reportedly directing malware to unsuspecting users.

FIR against Google for `access` to pornography

FIR was lodged against Google under the IT Act following a complaint by a local for allegedly facilitating pornographic content on android based mobile phones, easily accessible to underage users.

Researchers develop `robot with feelings`

As a part of a study attempting to understand how long-term relationships may be forged between humans and androids, researchers have designed a Emotional Robot with Intelligent Network, a ERWIN, with feelings.

Google to make `strategic` investments in Android, Chrome

Google is set to make "strategic" investments in Android, Chrome, YouTube and Enterprise, among others, to further shore up revenue.

New Chinese OS to compete with Android, iOS

A new Chinese-developed operating system is reportedly set to enter the market and compete with popular systems Android and iOS.

Gmail users can now star favorite contacts, sync them with Android

Google has announced that the Gmail users will now be able to star their frequently used contacts and also sync them with their Favorites section on their Android phones.

Dropbox makes file sharing between Android, Windows easy!

Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive allow users the freedom to easily share files between their Android smartphone and Windows PC, all without the need for a USB cable.

Google had to `start over` Android after iPhone launch in 2007

Apple unveiled its first iPhone in 2007 and that prompted Google`s Android team to start over, a new book has reportedly revealed.

New social networking app lets you stay anonymous till feel comfortable with friends

A new social networking app for Android and iOS lets users stay anonymous to their friends till the time they are comfortable sharing their pictures and further details.

With the New Gmail, people will know when you open that message

In a recent development, Google just made it easier for people to know if you’re opening their email messages.

New Candy Crush Saga update to `eat up` more time

The highly addictive `Candy Crush Saga` game is going to get a massive update, which will not only add an additional game world but also 65 brand new levels, it has been revealed.

Google Play Books app enables users to upload personal files via Android

Google Play Books app recent update will now allow the user to upload PDF and EPUB files directly from Gmail or the Downloads folder.

Bluetooth vibrating smart fork aims to coach you back to health

Hapifork, launched earlier this year, helps you maintain perfect timing between your bites so that you can remain healthy without counting steps on.

Facebook rolls out auto-play video feature on mobile site

Facebook has reportedly rolled out the auto-play video feature on its mobile site that lets plays videos automatically with no sound at first.

FIFA launches official iOS, Android apps

With the 2014 World Cup Final Draw only days away, FIFA has launched official apps for both iOS and Android, according to reports.

Intel ready to turn Android into Windows-like OS

Intel is reportedly thinking beyond Microsoft when it comes to a full-fledged `client` operating system, and the best bet today for it is Google`s Android.

Twitter adds new search filters to Android and iOS mobile app

Twitter has reportedly added new search filters for its mobile apps on Android and iOS platform.

`Candy Crush Saga` installed by half billion people

The hugely addictive game ` Candy Crush Saga` has been installed by half a billion people, it has been revealed.

Google shuts down iGoogle service

Google has reportedly shut down its personalized homepage iGoogle service.