S&P backtracks on Google downgrade

A week after downgrading Google Inc.`s stock, S&P`s has reversed course and has upgraded it.

Google to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

Internet giant Google will buy cellphone-maker Motorola Mobility for USD 12.5 billion.

Security expert warns hackers can attack Android

A mobile security expert says he has found new ways for hackers to attack phones running Google`s Android OS.

Google tablets seen overtaking iPad in 5 years

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Tab has been the best-selling Android tablet so far.

ViewPad 10 features Windows and Android

ViewPad 10 is a dual-boot unit as it can launch either Windows 7 or Android as you start the computer.

Rivals likely to reach for Google`s `Wallet`

Google Wallet will work with Android-powered phones like Google`s Nexus S equipped with NFC chips.

Android handsets ‘potentially’ vulnerable to data leaks

A hacker monitoring an Android smartphone connected to Internet via Wi-Fi network can steal data.

Celebrity tracker `app` for Android smartphones

The free JustSpotted software was available online at the Android Market.

Android to capture 49% of market by 2012

Google`s Android will become the most popular smartphone operating system by 2012.

Inside Motorola`s Xoom: Plenty of horsepower

The Xoom is seen as the first real competition for the iPad.

Android beats iPhone in US

According to a market tracking firm, 63.2 million Americans owned smartphones at the end of December

Android overtakes Symbian as top smartphone OS

Nokia’s Symbian is no more the best smartphone operating system – it has been toppled over by Android.

Google unveils instant translation app

Google`s new mobile phone application allows users to translate chats instantaneously.

New virus threatens phones using Android

A virus infecting mobile phones using Google`s Android operating system has emerged in China.

Your iPhone could be spying on you

Programs & games for smartphones transmit data back to private company once they had been downloaded.

`Google Android phones biggest network hogs`

Users of Google`s Android phones use more data services than those with other smartphones.

Android will beat iPhone: Apple founder

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak praises Google`s smartphone operating system Android.

Google`s Android in charge for mobile payments

Google`s forthcoming Android operating system will allows users to tap their phones.

Google Hotpot lets friends share hotspots

Hotpot meshes information from a Google Places compendium of more than 50 mn spots around the world.

Android roars past iPhone in US

Sales of smartphones powered by Google`s Android operating system have overtaken Apple`s iPhone in the US.