Android beats iPhone in US

According to a market tracking firm, 63.2 million Americans owned smartphones at the end of December

Android overtakes Symbian as top smartphone OS

Nokia’s Symbian is no more the best smartphone operating system – it has been toppled over by Android.

Google unveils instant translation app

Google`s new mobile phone application allows users to translate chats instantaneously.

New virus threatens phones using Android

A virus infecting mobile phones using Google`s Android operating system has emerged in China.

Your iPhone could be spying on you

Programs & games for smartphones transmit data back to private company once they had been downloaded.

`Google Android phones biggest network hogs`

Users of Google`s Android phones use more data services than those with other smartphones.

Android will beat iPhone: Apple founder

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak praises Google`s smartphone operating system Android.

Google`s Android in charge for mobile payments

Google`s forthcoming Android operating system will allows users to tap their phones.

Google Hotpot lets friends share hotspots

Hotpot meshes information from a Google Places compendium of more than 50 mn spots around the world.

Android roars past iPhone in US

Sales of smartphones powered by Google`s Android operating system have overtaken Apple`s iPhone in the US.

Google`s Android to be world No 2 in 2010: Report

By 2014 Android will account for nearly 30 percent of all cell phone operating system sales.

Google delays Android smartphone apps release in China

Google has delayed the China release of programs such as Gmail and maps that it makes for smartphones running on Android software.

ZTE plans Android phone; joins Open Handset Alliance

Chinese telecom firm ZTE on Thursday said it will launch smartphones, based on Android operating system in the first quarter of this fiscal.

Google hints at making mobile telephone

The Internet on Saturday buzzed with renewed rumors of Google making its own smartphone, after the Internet powerhouse said it is internally dabbling with a mobile device.

Motorola unveils Android-powered smartphone

Motorola on Thursday unveiled a new smartphone, the Cliq, powered by Google`s Android software which the US handset maker hopes will help turn around its flagging fortunes.