Angela Merkel meets coalition allies to defuse crisis after scandal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held an emergency meeting with the leaders of coalition partners to defuse a widening crisis in her two-month-old government sparked by the opening of a child pornography probe against Indian-origin former lawmaker.

Germany`s Merkel scrambles to heal coalition rift

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is scrambling to heal a rift in her new coalition government caused by the fallout from a child pornography investigation.

Merkel`s crisis-hit government replaces minister

German Chancellor Angela Merkel`s coalition swiftly moved to replace a minister on Monday and defuse a widening crisis in the two-month-old government sparked by a child porn probe.

Pornography probe: Indian-origin ex-MP denies wrongdoing

Indian-origin former German lawmaker facing probe for allegedly possessing child pornography has denied any wrongdoing and said he intends to initiate legal proceedings against the state prosecutor`s office for spreading "false information" and "unjustly harassing" him.

Merkel, Hollande to discuss European communication network avoiding US

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Saturday she would talk to French President Francois Hollande about building up a European communication network to avoid emails and other data passing through the United States.

Merkel eyes more military cooperation with France

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday said that Germany wanted to bolster its military cooperation with France, particularly in war-torn areas of Africa, ahead of a joint cabinet meeting next week.

German minister resigns over child pornography `probe leak`

Chancellor Angela Merkel-led new German government has been jolted by its first political crisis after a minister resigned over claims he leaked confidential information about an international child pornography probe involving an Indian-origin ex-MP.

Ukraine leader calls for concessions as protesters freed

Ukraine`s leader called for the opposition to yield some ground ahead of a new mass demonstration on Sunday, after authorities released all protesters arrested in the anti-government unrest.

Merkel govt in first crisis as minister resigns over child pornography inquiry `leak`

German Chancellor Angela Merkel`s new government was rocked by its first political crisis Friday after a minister abruptly resigned over claims he leaked confidential information about an international child porn probe.

Italy Parliament rejects bid to impeach President Napolitano

Italy`s parliament on Tuesday rejected a bid by the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement to impeach President Giorgio Napolitano, but opposition lawmakers kept up their attacks on the 88-year-old head of state.

US diplomat`s EU expletive `absolutely unacceptable`: Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sees as "absolutely unacceptable" a top US diplomat`s use of the f-word in commenting on the EU`s handling of the Ukraine crisis, her spokeswoman said on Friday.

Angela Merkel fumes at US diplomat`s curse of EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed outrage on Friday over a leaked phone conversation in which a top US diplomat used the f-word regarding the European Union`s handling of the crisis in Ukraine.

German minister criticises US over NSA activities

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere criticised the secret surveillance actions of the US National Security Agency and described them as being excessive.

Spying on allies creates mistrust, less security: Angela Merkel

Nations spying on their allies would risk destroying trust and harming security, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in her first major policy speech after re-election.

Merkel, still on crutches, to step up schedule: Spokesman

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping up her schedule after skiing accident last month left her on crutches but will have to deliver a key speech next week sitting down, her spokesman said.

Germany demands Ukraine leader repeal anti-protest laws

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to repeal draconian anti-protest laws that have fuelled clashes between protesters and police in Kiev, her office said Thursday.

US intelligence to remain `interested` in foreign govts: Obama

The US will continue to spy on foreign governments, President Barack Obama has said even as he assured German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he would not allow the surveillance mechanism to harm their bilateral relations.

Merkel `will not have to worry` about US spying: Obama

US President Barack Obama said today that he would not let intrusive surveillance undermine his relationship of "friendship and trust" with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany welcomes Obama`s pledge to curb mass spying

Berlin has welcomed President Barack Obama`s pledge to curtail the reach of the secretive US spy agency, stressing that German law must be respected on German soil.

Angela Merkel condoles Ariel Sharon`s death

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has conveyed her condolences to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the passing of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, her spokesperson said Saturday.